Deepening Shamanic Skills:

2 Part Series: October 12-14 & November 9-11


 Working with Different Timelines.  Divination. The Shamanic Way of Seeing.   Soul Retrieval.  Shamanic Journey.                   

As we continue to transition through this most Pivotal time upon Earth where structures, (including Patriarchy),  & belief systems are being questioned, dismantled and reconfigured, many of us are feeling Call to show up in the world in different, more Authentic ways; to Retrieve Power we may have given to outside authorities & to lead a life more in resonance with Natural Rhythms & Alternative Ways. To hold space for others & share skills & gifts that work at the level of Energetics, Soul & Ancestral layers.

The New Earth is Calling for new ways of creating Community, Reciprocity & Right Relationship. While in the past we may have share our skills in a Yoga retreat setting or in 1 on 1 private sessions; now we are being guided to enrich & expand our tool box & Rekindle the Seeds of Soul Deep Medicine in people, integrating Shamanic Skills into what we do as a way of reconnecting with Earth Medicine because when people are given the sacred space to connect with their Truth & Essence,  we contribute to this Collective Awakening & Power Reclamation. Offering your clients, family, friends or your community Tangible Tools that they can tap into in their daily lives is an invaluable gift. The New Paradigm is calling us back to Soul Essence because when we live from this place, we understand that Authentic Power is not having control over others but to Empowered Them! 

       In this 3 Day 2 weekends offering we are diving deep into the tools we Refine in working with Shamanic Medicine:

  • Learn what does it means to Hold Sacred Space for others from a place of Service & through Ceremony & Ritual.
  • Establish Clear, compassionate Boundaries for you & for others so that you are not taking in what is not yours. 
  • Learn how to masterfully navigate between Time Tables: Under World, Middle World & Upper World & their respective Medicine.
  • Practice the art of “Tracking or Shamanic Way of Seeing” in which we open our ability to See beyond Ordinary Reality.
  • Learn to Facilitate Potent Shamanic Journeys + Drum Sound Medicine Circles that connect us to Refine Frequencies.
  • Learn how to Facilitate the Ancient Indigenous Art of Soul Retrieval for healing, mending & wholeness.
  • Befriend both your Shadow & your Light so that you are not projecting your unhealed wounds onto others &  Serve from Integrity. 
  • Reclaim Your Shamanic Roots for Authentic Freedom, Truth & Reciprocity with Earth! 

Important: Only register if you are 100 % Committed to the Sacred work!

The exchange & investment for this offering is $ 350 each weekend. A partial discount may be offered if needed. Includes one healthy meal a day. We meet from 12-5: 30 pm