Sacred Peru Pilgrimage

A Journey into the Heart & Essence of the Earth & Wisdom Keepers


May 8-17th, 2018


  Sacred Peru Pilgrimage 

  Come take your spot & sit with the Earth & Wisdom Keepers of the Americas. The Q’ero Lineage is a very ancient lineage of Energy Medicine Healers & Wisdom Keepers passed down since before the arrival of the Spaniards. We will Journey  through Urubamba, Machu -Pichu & the amazing Amazon Jungle & will receive Energetic Rites, Seeds & Transmissions that will up-grade your DNA, your health & vitality & will assist you in aligning with the New Earth Consciousness which started in 2012 & will culminate in the year 2021 the long prophesized time of the return of the ancient ways of living. 

Experience Sacred & Potent Fire + Cacao Ceremonies lead by Andean Medicine Women & Men. Energetically Heal & Clear Ancestral Blueprints passed down in your ancestral line. Visit Inca sites of great energetic power. Receive Coca Leaf Visionary Readings  by re-known Alto Mesayoq & Medicine Woman Wilma Pinedo. 

Space is limited to 10 participants   

7 nights of accommodation in double occupancy rooms, 2 camping nights in the Amazon Jungle, 3 meals a day, transportation within Peru & participation in all Ceremonies & Healing is included. Participation is by Application only.  We will be based in the Andean Village of Urubamba. There will be 1 free day to visit the tourist city of Cusco. Our Pilgrimage culminates in the Amazon Jungle where there will be an option to partake in an Ayahuasca Night Ceremony. 


Exchange: $ 2,600   

Non-refundable deposit $ 1,000 remaining is due in cash upon arrival to Peru. Arrival city: Cusco. We will pick you up at Alejandro Velasco airport on Tuesday, May, 8th