Energy Medicine Sessions  

 Upgrade and restore your physical and energetic bodies by clearing away old imprints and stagnant energy.

The Illumination process introduces a new, higher and cleaner frequency into the energy field of my client by clearing away old imprints and imbalances from both the energetic and physical bodies. Each customized private session is tailored at resetting your Subtle Anatomy and improving your overall health by energetically letting go of anything that is no longer in alignment with you. My aim is to get to the root cause of imbalance  with the intention of removing those imprints at the energetic level. Sessions are either 60 or 75 minutes long.  

My work is inspired & draws from my love for the old wisdom & mysticism of the Peruvian Andes as well as from my reverence to Nature…”

Mesa: A Personal Medicine Bundle

Carries the memory, power and the energies of the Medicine Men and Women of this ancient tradition. A Mesa is in itself a healing tool and represents my connection and initiation into this sacred, Indigenous lineage. It informs the way in which I carry my work and transmit the seeds that were placed within it in the form of my medicine stones or Kuyas. I employ my Mesa in each private session to assist me in brining deep healing and transformation!


To the Q’ero, Peruvian vision, everything is embedded with Kawsay or living energy. In our daily interactions, we accumulate either dense-hucha- or light energy-sami- depending on our own vibration and state of being. To the Q’ero healers, there is no bad or good energy; there is only light or dense energies. Energetic Extractions are a central part to their approach of healing and balancing. Using the purest of crystals and my tracking skills, I remove intrusive energies that are not an authentic part of your highest self’s expression. By removing or extracting those energies, we powerfully shift affinities so that you no longer are a match to denser energies. I also employ Quartz crystals to release energetic cords at the end of a relationship when my client is ready to let go and move on with awareness and gratitude.


Soul Retrieval: Using the vibration and the sweetness that rattles and drums create and the smoke of Palo Santo or sage, we journey to non-ordinary terrains to the place where our memories and imprints are stored. In the Peruvian tradition, the Time Passed corresponds to the world of the Ukhu Pacha or Lower World -the belly of Pachamama-where we journey to retrieve and recover any fragmented or soul lost that you may have suffered as a result of past trauma with the intention of re-integrating them back into the energetic and physical bodies. During  Soul Retrieval, we journey to the subconscious mind.

Shamanic Journeys: are doorways to gain vision and insight into our future and to recover power lost. A shamanic Journey is a powerful way to bring valuable information into consciousness that may otherwise remain dormant in our unconscious. This is the realm of pure potential: the Upper World


Home / space clearings: If you feel that your living environment is not supporting your health or your goals or if you feel blocked and not nourished at home, it is likely that your environment is calling for an attunement. I offered potent home clearings to remove energetically stagnated or over-loaded energies. Home clearings are performed in a ceremonial, ritualistic way using the elements that Pachamama so abundantly offers: water, sea salt, flowers, balancing and healing herbs such as eucalyptus, sage and rosemary. You will notice the energetic shift and the immediate benefits of re-calibrating and harmonizing your living space bringing you and your family clarity and new perspective! When we attuned our environment, our relationships and other aspects of our lives are realigned in Allyu or reciprocity. Exchange for House Clearings  $ 350 2 1/2 hrs.   Price changes for larger homes or land and for out of the area appointments.


Customized ceremonies are offered privately for 1 person, couples or a small group upon request or collectively once a month.
Why Ceremony?  Ceremony is a powerful way to reconnect to the cycles of Nature. Ceremony amplifies who we are becoming & facilitates insight & deep healing.
Exchange for private ceremony: $ 130 for a small group (including materials)

Women’s Sacred Circles

Women’s Empowering Practices: Women’s Ceremonies are performed either during the new or full moons & may include energetic transmissions such as the Rite of the Womb coming directly from the Shipibo, Medicine Women of the Amazon jungle; Archetypal Journaling & Journeying. The intention behind our Women’s Circles is to re-discover & re-claim Ancient Moon Wisdom & to step into our Power & our Authenticity.

Despacho Offering Ceremony

Despacho Ceremonies: During a Despacho Ceremony we actively create a Peruvian version of a mandala in which we intentionally place elements representing abundance and beauty such as grains- rice, red beans, and lentils; – flowers, candies, chocolate within a sacred container. Once the container is pregnant and full with the seeds of our becoming, we then wrap it and offered it to Mother Earth by burying or burning it. The intentions to perform a customized Despacho Ceremony may include: bringing closure to relationships; asking for health and to bless new beginnings. What matters is the power of Intention so that the energy of manifestation can start to arrange on our behalf…

Sacred Fire Ceremony

Fire Ceremony is central to the Peruvian vision of healing. I offer individual, couples and group fire ceremonies in which we not only deepen our connection to the potent element of fire but we gather around fire intentionally to heal, release and reconnect with our ancestral Spirit, to remember… A fire may be lit to honor the memory of our ancestors; to bless our families, our land and home.  Fire ceremony is performed during either the new or the full moon cycles (mama Quilla’s cycles).

Earth Flower Mandala 

Earth Healing Mandala Ceremony: When we actively create an Earth healing Mandala, we plant the seeds of our future; we celebrate life and beauty. We literally handcraft our visions and our dreams by letting go of that which needs to be release -expired contracts, limiting beliefs- so that our internal soil can be replenish, turn over. As we engage in this transmutation process, we begin to shift and to close that which lies in the way of our becoming. An Earth mandala is a doorway to a deeper connection to our planet, a way to strengthen our roots. A Peruvian mandala is created with Nature’s beauty: flowers and sea shells.

Andean Sacred Rites

Belts of Power (Chunpi Karpay): A core transmission. The belts of power are five energetic bands that are installed in your body with the intention to protect, remove heavy energies and empower your body at all levels. Each band is associated with a color and an element. The first belt connects you with Earth’s rich soil, its color is black. The solar plexus belt is connected with the element  of fire and supports the expression of our gifts in the world.  The golden band at the heart center opens our hearts to healing. The silver band is installed at the throat center and is associated with self –expression, its element is wind. The fifth band is installed at the third eye center with the intention to amplify our clear sight and intuition. This transmission is offered within the context of  sacred ceremony.

Disclaimer: Energy Medicine is not intended to cure, treat or Diagnose Any Physical or Psychological Conditions.  Energy Medicine  and materials provided here are for educational and complementary purposes only and not a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. There are no promises or guarantees made. 

If you would like to work with me, but are encountering financial difficulties, please email me and we can discuss it further.

Additional photo credits: Chaunte Vaughn, Ivonne Lopez, Carolina Ruiz, Scott Shinn & Fatimata Vetu

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