Customized Workshops Designed to Support Self Integration

My work comes from a place of deep yearning & appreciation for the innate Wildness within & around us…

   Women & Moon Phases: online    

 Welcome sister to this Sacred Circle created in service to our Collective Healing & Empowerment. In the course of one month, we will “meet” & Sync with Ancient Moon Wisdom weaved with Shamanic Drum Sound & Earth Based Visualization practices to heal our Sacred Womb space as our womb is the house of our creative power. Our circle will also activate Empowerment & the Essence of the Divine Feminine as she is returning to be Embodied by us Women! Payment through paypal. This is a skype live ceremony.

  • First meeting: Full Moon, we will open up with sharing circle & then be guided by the Drum to connect with our Womb & with that which we are ready to transition out of, what we are letting go of in order to make space for the New. You will also receive a sweet Rite from the Medicine Women of Peru.
  • Crescent Waning Moon, open with sharing circle & then receive the wisdom of waning moon. The energy of this crescent moon is to “go within” & explorer our inner landscapes in a more intuitive way aided by Shamanic Journey visualizations for healing.
  • New Moon: Open with sharing circle. In the New Moon cycle, we turn over our internal soils for planting our new seeds. we energetically call in the Divine Feminine into our Wombs & activate Empowerment & new visions! This is the moon of the maiden: open to possibilities! 
  • Crescent Waxing Moon: open up with sharing circle & Shamanic Visualization practices to grow our seeds. Learn practical tools to create your own moon rituals. We will also discuss the importance of syncing with the rhythms of the Moon to improve & harness our moon cycles, moods & energy levels throughout the month.      


                        “Meeting” Dates: Sundays, July 9th;  16th;  23rd   & 30th         

                                                    Registration Opens June 9th

                                                  Exchange: $ 20 each ceremony              

                                                    Time: 6- 7:45 pm Pacific Time



Our Earth Mother is going through an Evolutionary leap…
As a Woman do you Feel it too?

                                                 Our planet that is going through a renewal process & we Women are Being strongly call to leap, to awaken from false programing; to re-connect with Ancient Wisdom; to align with our clear, higher purpose, to live an Empowered life. Out of our Slumber, we are realizing  that the “quick fix” that the advertising industry & society promote to “make us happy” are no longer. We are yearning for a deeper connection with ourselves, other women & our planet…

We are realizing that the Masculine ways of pushing, striving are no longer sustainable. We are yearning to re-connect with Earth & Moon rhythms (the rhythms of our feminine bodies) to honor our emotions rather than to numb them. If this resonates with you, you are not alone, you are not isolated, we are a Tribe of Women yearning for the same


Q: What is the purpose of your workshops?

A: My workshops are designed to empower Women to reclaim their Magic & Divine Essence as well as to assist them in growing a deeper connection with themselves and with Moon & Earth cycles. To re-learn the Ancient Wisdom Traditions that were once held by Initiated Priestesses…

Q: What can I expect to learn in a workshop?

A: I offer workshops tailored at teaching and providing practical spiritual tools for grounding, self-healing and personal empowerment. For instance, during a workshop we may interactively learn how to build a home altar using simple, Earth- based and inexpensive elements such as stones and sage or we may learn to handcraft our own smudges. All workshops are hands on and interactive.