Customized Workshops Designed to Support Self Integration

My work comes from a place of deep yearning & appreciation for the innate Wildness within & around us…

  Shamanic Earth Based Training   

 What is Shamanic Earth Based Healing?

Shamanic healing is the oldest type of healing modality known to humanity, it can be trace back to 100,000 years all throughout the world. The Shaman was the first Doctor, one who interacts with Nature & Spirit to bring healing at the level of the soul, energy & physical body. A Medicine person or Shaman is one who is able to move in between worlds, between this realm & the invisible realm of spirit for assistance & guidance always with the intention of delivering deep healing & transformation. 

It is my honor to announce that I’m now offering hands on, practical & experimental intro level training in Shamanic Earth Based Healing modality. This program will meet in a small & intimate group for a period of 3 weekends for 2 days a total of 7 days training (the last weekend of training is 3 days long.) Teachings are offered in Nature in Santa Cruz, CA

I will pass on Empowering tools & practices for personal healing & to offer healing for others. Light  & healthy snacks are included in the exchange. You will also receive a manual to build your connection with this potent healing modality.

You will learn:

  • To transform limiting stories, beliefs & old wounds into source of power & sources of Medicine.
  • How to hold effective Ceremonies for others using tools such as drum, rattle & sacred smoke medicine.
  • How to Journey outside of linear time & lead potent Shamanic Journeys in service to others for healing, clarity & transformation.
  • How to Journey through the Four Directions with the Medicine Wheel as an incredible tools for  releasing limiting beliefs & healing of Ancestral patterns.
  • How to re-write your personal story so you are no longer the victim of your past & how to build Personal Power from a clean slate.    


Starting Date: Saturday, September 30th & 1st ;  October 28th & 29.   December 1st-3      

Exchange: $ 350 per course            Time: from 12-5:00pm





Our Earth Mother is going through an Evolutionary leap…
As a Woman do you Feel it too?

                                                 Our planet is going through a renewal process & we Women are Being strongly call to leap, to awaken & Embody our full Being & our Sovereignty; to re-connect with Ancient Wisdom; to align with our clear, higher purpose, to live an Empowered life. Out of our Slumber, we are realizing  that the “quick fix” that the advertising industry & society promote to “make us happy” are no longer. We are yearning for a deeper connection with ourselves, other women & our planet…

We are realizing that the Masculine ways of pushing, striving are no longer sustainable. We are yearning to re-connect with Earth & Moon rhythms (the rhythms of our feminine bodies) to honor our emotions rather than to numb them. If this resonates with you, you are not alone, you are not isolated, we are a Tribe of Women yearning for the same


Q: What is the purpose of your workshops?

A: My workshops are designed to empower Women to reclaim their Magic & Divine Essence as well as to assist them in growing a deeper connection with themselves and with Moon & Earth cycles. To re-learn the Ancient Wisdom Traditions that were once held by Initiated Priestesses…

Q: What can I expect to learn in a workshop?

A: I offer workshops tailored at teaching and providing practical spiritual tools for grounding, self-healing and personal empowerment. For instance, during a workshop we may interactively learn how to build a home altar using simple, Earth- based and inexpensive elements such as stones and sage or we may learn to handcraft our own smudges. All workshops are hands on and interactive.