Reclaim your Health & your Power through the Wisdom of the Medicine of the Earth…


Reclaim your Health & your Power through the Wisdom of the Medicine of the Earth…


My work comes from a place of deep yearning & appreciation for the Innate Wildness within & around us…

About Kawak Energy Medicine

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It is my honor to be a Mesa carrier connected to an old lineage of Andean healers and to offer potent Energy Medicine sessions. The essence of this Tradition is to focus not on the emotional or physical manifestation of disease or on the intellectual understanding of healing, but to track much deeper at the energetic causes of imbalance with the intention of identifying & releasing stagnated imprints that no longer support our health.

During a healing session, I’m able to tap into my client’s Energy Field to quickly “See” what emotions, negative beliefs or trauma are in need of clearing in order to heal the issue at the root.

In a session, I employ rattle and/or drum sound to shift brain wave activity from Beta (normal waking) to the Alpha State of consciousness. WHY? Energy Medicine works at the Subconscious & Energetic levels, which are more readily accessible in the Alpha State as this state is associated with our memory of experiences, impressions, imprints & trauma stored in the body both at the cellular or physical level and at the Energetic level.

I create a safe container…

I create a safe container, where the subconscious mind can access and stimulate the release and clearing away of those energetic blockages or limiting beliefs that may be stopping our bodies from expressing health or that may be preventing us from aligning with our highest purpose.

Once the energetic imprints manifesting physically as imbalances are removed, the body is given the opportunity to recalibrate and reset the Energetic Body (the fabric that sustains the physical body), infusing it with a quantum of clean energy to enhance the body’s vibrational state. Then, the potency of this Medicine ripples into other aspects of your life and your being, to bring about deep transformation, vitality and health.

To support this process, I employ Shamanic tools or mediums that assist me in eliciting healing: kuyas or medicine stones, a rattle, which shifts and loosens up energies, and the sweet smoke of palo santo or sage.

It is my intention to…

In running a session, it is my intention to work with the aspect of your being that knows what is best for you in any given time or situation. In so honoring your higher self, I act not as a healer, but as a facilitator to your own healing process so that you may gain the insights needed to bring your life into balance and proper relationship.

As a Shamanic practitioner, it is my honor to assist you to connect to the wisdom of your subtle anatomy. During a session, you may experience a combination of other healing modalities such as Soul Retrieval, Energetic Extraction work using the purest crystals, and/or Cord Cutting.

Sessions are 90 minutes long. Remote healing sessions, via phone or Skype, are also available.

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The Energy Medicine and services I offer are designed to create deeper balance within ourselves and our environment.


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