1 Day Workshops

Connecting with the Elements: A Guided Journey 

In the Shamanic Tradition I represent, when we received New Codes, Frequencies or New Medicine in the form of Seeds, we need to pass it on to those who are in resonance with our path and energy. To those who may need guidance and clarity on their individual Path.

I’m honoured to share the tranmission I received recently from the desert lands of New Mexico. 

A guided Drum Journey paired with Sacred Fire Alchemy to clear mental webs, to revilatize you and strengthen your conenction to the sacred web of life. This journey will be informed by the winds, plant allies and elementals of the desert landspace honouring the Ancient Keepers of those lands.  

30% of the funds received will be donated to the Qero Community (the people from whom my Lineage originates from) 

Link provided here: https://gf.me/u/yt4g6vC

Date: Friday, October 30th 6:30-7:45 pm PST via Zoom. Link will be sent 24 hours before transmission begins.

Harvest Full Moon: A Shamanic Journey 

A Shamanic Journey is an Ancient Earth Based Technology that holds the intention and the vibration of returning us to our place within the web of life. To restore our sense of belonging to the cycles and rhythms of our Gaia Mother. It is a tool to return us to our grounded center.

The shamanic journey elicits a shift in consciousness in order to allow us to tap into the psyche, the subconscious mind and make visible that which may have caused us to come off alignment with our truth and natural cycles. 

It works by shifting brain wave activity from Beta waves to the slower Alpha or even Theta waves of consciousness. It is in this liminal state of consciousness that healing, insights, revelations and medicine are received and imprinted in our bodies, repairing brain synapses. The slow, repetitive rhythm shifts the individual’s “rhythm” so that he or she can journey. Just the way a soothing song can help someone achieve a calmer state.  The sound that the drum emits is very close to the resonance that is measured from the Earth, 7.83 hertz which corresponds to the Theta wave pattern of 3-8 hertz,  hence synchronizing YOU to her bio-rhythms.

Join me on a drum Sound Shamanic Journey on The Harvest Full Moon, Friday, October 2nd.   Exchange $ 22

Offered via zoom live streaming. No recordings will be provided.

Time: 7-8 pm PST