1 Day Workshops and Ceremonies 

 The Dangers of  New Age Plant Medicine Circles

Sunday, March 28th from 5-7:30 pm PST

The dangers of new age plant medicine circles and the mass monetization and comercialization of  Sacred Indigenous Plant Medicine, A master class. In this class we are discussing the current desecration of traditional practices for profit by elitist groups in the West and the shadow aspects of new age shamanism. We need to see how when Lienages are not honored and Sacred Traditions are reduced to commodities and brand products for Capitalistic gain, this harms indigenous people and their wisdom and replicates Colonial mindset.

We need to shed light into misappropriated practices that have no roots, nor reference to Lineages and Original Carriers and have become trendy, attracting many and glamorizing Indigenous Wisdom but erasing the Original Carriers and giving a false sense of what communing with Plant Medicine healing is actually about.


It is important to know that not everybody is equippped to become a medicine person and carrier of sacred knowledge. This Is a lived, walked lifelong path and an embodiment that can’t be aquired through quick certifications being offered in 10 days bootcamps. To honoured the fact that it  takes years of getting to know the people,the land and culture the practices come from not something one can acquire through quick whitewashed expereinces and certificates.

This master class addresses the importance of Right Relationship, giving back as well as how to approach sacred, ingestible medicines-including Cacao, Ayahuasca, Kamboo,  from a decolonial, reverential energy, not because it is trendy. Thank you for being open to learning and unlearning during this time of the big shift.

Offered by holly guardian Miranda Bennett @boundlesswarrior and Marilu Shinn @mujermedicine

  Zoom recording of this potent class will be available for purchase if you are unable to attend the live transmission.

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