1 Day Workshops and Ceremonies 

 New Year Home Blessing and Cleansing 

Undoubtedly 2020 has been an intense, transformative year for our collective. We been face with personal, Ecological and societal challenges that literally felt like our lives were hanging on by a thread. Some of us are mourning, grieving the lost of loved ones and navigating the waters of uncertainty.

This offering is an oppportunity for us to come together as community and collectively and simultaneously cleanse our homes energetically with the help of Sacred Plant allies, sound, alchemy, sacred smoke and offerings to our Earth.

On Sunday, January 3rd, at 11: 11 am PST we are gathering virtually to open our homes to new, restored energy and vitality by alchemizing and releasing stagnant energies from each corner of our homes and bringing in renewal, abundance, protection and blessings. We will come together in community to anchored and envision what we wish to attract into our lives and homes.

For this service you will need to tune in, join the zoom call on your cell phone as you will be moving to each room/living space of your home. You will need: fresh plant allies, preferebly eucalyptus, rue, rosmery and/or cedar and build a bundle with them. If those are not available to you, you can use fresh flowers.

You will also need a large bowl of salt water, sacred smoke like incense, sage, etc. bells and/or drums and rattles if you have them. tobacco and candy for offerings and fresh flowers. Most importantly have a clear Intention.

Please write down your intentions for this house blessing on a piece of paper.


Date: Sunday, January 3rd at 11:11 am PST- 2021 This is a 2 hour offering  via Zoom. Link will be sent after registration