1 Day Workshops and Ceremonies 

Lion’s Gate Portal: Drum Sound Journey + Cacao  Activation 

Sunday, 8 * 8 at 5:55 am PST

This is indeed the Dawn of a New Age, a New Pacha, a new movement and an evolutionary leap of the human consciousness. Now more than ever it becomes imperative that we are very selective and discerning of where we invest our energies  so that our bodies as vessels are ready to receive the incoming New Codes of New Earth consciousness prophesied by Indigenous Earth keepers and seers.

On Sunday, August 8 we are crossing a potent portal of activation revered since Ancient Egypt when the brightest sar of Sirius is the closest to the Earth and in Alignment to the Sun activating an influx of cosmic and higher frequencies. This heliacal rising of Sirius in the Sun sign of Leo is linked to our personal power at the solar plexus, activating higher order recalibrations for our Earth. This is indeed a celestial Stargate.

On this auspicious portal, the star lineage linked to Sirius becomes visible, activating the Leo Lion’s gate and giving us access to the knowledge of the golden age of consciousness. On such auspicious portals, the exchanges between the physical and the unseen realms are very powerful as we are able to access our intuition, to receive potent downloads from our higher selves and to unlock our psychic abilities.

You are invited to join me and Cacao keeper Ivonne Davey on Sunday, 8 * 8  at the dawn of the Solar day as we collectively activate the inner fire of the solar plexus ruled by Leo because the new Earth starts with people, with you and I, ignating your sovereignity as an independent being, yet integrated in the collective.

This is the end of the days as we knew them, the beginning of the end of the dark ages of consciousness and the beginning of the coming of a new age. In this new time, if you always felt that you dont’ fit on this planet, it is now the time to ignate your unique frequency in service to our evolution.

This offering includes drum sound journeying, Cacao Ceremony and energetic recallibration. This offering is 75 minutes long. Please have ready a cup of sacred cacao medicine. 


Link will be sent 12 hours before the activation begins. When registering, PLEASE make sure to enter the email address you wish to received the link to.