1 Day Workshops and Ceremonies 

Summer Solstice: Energy Medicine Activation 

Tuesday, June 22th at 5:55 am PST

This is indeed the Dawn of a New Age, a New Pacha, a new movement and an evolutionary leap of our human consciousness. Now more than ever it becomes imperative that we are very selective and discerning of where we invest our energies and this includes everything from emotional to energetic hygine so that our bodies as vessels are clear and ready to receive the incoming New Codes of New Earth consciousness prophesied by Indigenous Earth keepers and seers.

As a woman of medicine Initiated into the  medicine and Lineage of the Condor of the high Andes of Peru, it is my deepest honoured to embodied, transmit and keep the energetic imprints of the prophesied New Earth.

Dear one, we are at the end of the 500 year cycle of colonial slavery and you are Called to awaken and Co-weave the new, more holy and sacred future for All sentient beings. You are invited to join me on Tuesday, June 22 at the dawn of the Solar day to receive the wisdom and the energetic codings and transmissions entrusted to me by the Pampamesoyoq and the Alto Mesayoq keepers of the timetables; keepers of the future unfolding.

This is a living lineage and a living transmission that activates your higher seeing and your higher brain, your capacity to Dream the World into Being anew, from a higher, more refined perspective while simultaneously divesting and calling back your energy from the dying old world.

Summer Solstice tranmission includes drum sound journeying and energetic recallibration. This offering is 75 minutes long.  


Offered by Marilu Shinn @mujermedicine


Link will be sent 24 hours before the activation begins. When registering, PLEASE make sure to enter the email address you wish to received the link to.