Journey with the Three Shamanic Worlds of Engagement 

Meeting  from 1-3:00  pm PST

Thursday, October 28-30th Sat. 

What are the 3 Worlds in Shamanic Traditions? How you can utilize this wisdom to alchemize what is no longer serving you and accessing your own healing while catalyzing forward new trajectories for your future and for our collective?
  • This offering is a combination and exploration of the meaning, symbolism, medicine, archetypes, energies and depths of the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds within the Inca Shamanic cosmo-vision AND an experiential somatic experience to elicit your evolution, not through the lens of love and light but through the power and medicine of integrating both shadows and gifts.
  • Learn how this wisdom can usher forward and expand your understanding of different timelines or realms that are always available to you for your own transformation.
  • Be guided on drum sound Shamanic Journeys and Soul Retrieval to get a visceral feeling of those 3 dimensions of time/space and through those Journeys accessing your own healing and empowerment as well as insights and revelations you may normally don’t have access to in ordinary reality.
  • Learn how you can navigate the current shifts from a more expanded, constructive perspective, rather than from fear.  Tap into time that moves beyond and outside of liner, chronological  time to access insights, revelations and clarity and Power.


The Lower World This is the realm of your personal story, your psyche, your Psychology and your unique soul signature. This dimension can only be access by you and represents the divine mystery of who you are. Your inner life . We access this dimension via the Shamanic Soul Retrieval as we journey down to the Uhku Pacha, the collective Womb of the Earth. This is also the place of the collective unconscious and here we retrieve lost pieces of our Essence due to trauma, grief or loss.


The Middle World is this ordinary realm, the place where  we engage daily. In this dimension we are conditioned to operate from a linear way of thinking and being; to solve problems using logic. This is where we serve and where our consciousness is informed by culture, norms and goverment. This dimension can be very dense if we don’t train our perception to expand.


The Upper World is the realm of new beginnings, of potentiality. Here we take a leap into new possibilities and open up to co-creation with the web of life. The upper world is the future unfolding where we exist in our pure, cleared, healed states and where we can merge our consciousness with the consciousness and intelligence of the Universe. This realm allows us to see beyond our conditioning and into future, probable timelines.


The exchange for this empowering and life expanding offering is $ 222 The tools that you will received are priceless for your life journey and healing path

Meets from 1-3 pm PST via zoom 
Thursday, October 28 to Sat. 30 th 



Working with Marilu was such a powerful and transformative experience. She truly takes you on a journey outside of linear time. The medicine she carries is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom with the intention to help you heal on a multidimensional level. It was an honor and a blessing to receive the teachings and transmissions that she shared in the sacred space. If it weren’t for her course, I wouldn’t have remembered many ancient truths that were the missing links for me to walk the medicine path with strength and courage. I can’t thank her enough for the miracles she brought into my life.
Many blessings to you,
Amanda 🕊🌻

Marilu is a practitioner who has very clearly been anchored in her work her entire life. You can feel this throughher clarity of purpose and how she performs healing. She has helped me heal some very deep rooted wounds, help me get grounded into my soul purpose, helped me retrieve parts of  my soul that have been lost through childhood trauma and past lives trauma. She has helped me to heal my ancestral lines through her medicine wheel workshop and ancestral mending workshop. She has literally helped me to change my life for the better.

In a sea of modalities and practitioners, Marilu is a very powerful medicine woman. I would urge anyone seeking to receive deep healing to work with her.

Rachel Reves