Women’s Five Elements Medicine 

Todos Santos,  Baja, Mexico

March 16-20th 

Women’s Five Elements 
A FIVE Day Desert Immersion to Reset, Revitalize & Realign in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico


Are you feeling the call…

  • To shed that which is no longer serving you, in order to experience more joy and connection to the world?
  • To gift yourself some precious time for healing & sisterhood?
  • Are you yearning for a deeper connection to moon cycles and to your own inner wisdom as a woman?
  • Are you being called to step into your power?

If this resonates with you – consider joining us in this journey of Empowerment and Healing for women in Baja, Mexico!

Our Retreat Container always opens with a potent Fire Ceremony to release, alchemize & clear the way!  Each day moves with a different Element, so we may re-sync with the power of all Five Elements and the Web of Life.

We will start our mornings  with heart centered Cacao ceremony  facilitated by Ivonne followed by  gentle Hatha Yoga & Meditation practice guided by Alyse , then enjoy a healthy organic & locally sourced breakfast.

In the afternoons, we will enjoy the beach or simply relax in the beautiful desert landscape with a fresh, green detox juice. 

In the Evenings, we will engage in beautiful, grounding Ceremonies (informed again by the Five Elementals) and/or sharing healing circles guided by drum sound Shamanic Journeys to realign Soul, Mind & Body with the healing powers of Nature. 

One of the highlights of our retreat will be to participate in a Traditional Sweat Lodge to cleanse; sweat toxins away & renew our skin using balancing & healing herbs such as: aloe vera, chamomile, sage, rosemary & mint.

Soul Retrieval will also be offered. Soul Retrieval is a Shamanic Practice where we journey into the past, using repetitive drum sound in order to elicit a relaxed state of mind and access our subconscious mind in order to let go of an experience or story that’s no longer serving us or that is preventing us from being our authentic selves. We will “go within” and shed the old stories, the old skin.

Within the expansiveness of the Desert, we will have the time and the space to be quiet and connect with our inner knowing, so that we can make the changes needed during this potent time of transformation upon our planet. You will also receive Womb Healing Ceremonies to allow you to clear any imprints held here in your sacred temple. 

“The week was magical.

Opening the door of my oneself, remembering to be kind (regardless of all the shit that makes me frustrated about the world), recognized my true power (that we all have)…so much still to learn, see, love, enjoy…my heart is open (again).

Grateful I left my cocoon to meet new people, learn new skills, I had to go through a big pain, getting out of there with the help of amazing friends (you know who you are).”

~ V. Vanessinha

“Before coming to the retreat I was in and out of therapy and I never really felt like it helped me.

I kept going back to my old behaviors, that were just not serving the person that I should be and I can be. I feel the retreat was far more beneficial than any kind of therapy that I had before.”

~ C. Gerring

Amazing experience! I’m so lucky to have found this retreat. I met some of the most wonderful, inspiring & supportive women, and enjoyed a magical week of Yoga, nature, farm fresh food, sharing circles & Earth Medicine Ceremonies.

~ Nicole Levesque

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
  • Authentic Cacao Ceremonies
  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval
  • Beach & Desert landscape
  • Sacred Fire
  • Rape Tobbaco Ceremony 
  •  Temazcal (sweat lodge)
  • Organic, Locally Sourced Meals
  • Evening Sharing Circles
  • Ecstatic & Somatic dance Movement
  • Shamanic Drum Sound Journeys
  • Sacred Womb Medicine


This highly curated and intimate retreat is open to 9 women. Book soon to secure a spot! Very important: Upon registering you will be required to sign a release of responsibilities/waiver which will be emailed to you. Please indicate which retreat you wish to join in your check out process. 

Exchange for this all inclusive retreat experience is $ 1,950 Incl. 4 nights shared accommodations, All meals and practices as well as airport transfer to the airport both ways. 


A 25% Non-Refundable Deposit is required to reserve your place.
The remaining payment is due upon arrival at the retreat, in cash in USD


“RETREAT, it is a gift – and in this allowing to receive, we offer our gifts more fully and more fearlessly to the world. I am so grateful for my experience, I feel renewed.

Being ‘re-framed’ by participation in the rare air of exquisite nature, great company, bodily opening, communion with the Earth, and ritual.

What an honor and joy it is to share in this celebration that ignites the power of healing transformation.”

~ V. Dunwoody

Arrival details: We will pick you up at San Jose del Cabo International Airport on Wednesday, March 16th or Friday, March 25 depending on the retreat dates you select. Please book your flight within the arrival times of 1:00 pm & 3:00 window. If you arrive after 3:00 pm, please arrange your own transportation from the airport to our Retreat location in Todos Santos as the shutle leaves the airport promptly at 4 pm.

Departures: Transportation back to the airport is included. The shuttle leaves at 11: 00 am on Sunday, March 20 and on Tuesday, March 29th  Please book your departing flight after 2:00 pm.

Your Facilitators:

Marilu Shinn walks the sacred Path of the Medicine Woman in-tuned with the cyclical nature of the web of life.  Her formal training includes the Four Winds Society as well as an ongoing apprenticeship with the Nusta Medicine Women of Peru in the Q’ero Andean Tradition. Her own healing journey brought her to embody this ancient wisdom & to share the beauty & unspoken Energy Medicine of this Lineage as a path towards empowerment,  resonance & embodied living.

Her mission & passion are to reconnect women with the living web of life, with their authentic selves. To assist them in awakening their somatic awareness rooted in womb wisdom & mysteries through Earth Based Shamanistic Practices & to reconnect them with their innate Intuition as the foundations for leading fulfilling, whole lives. Marilu teaches Earth based medicine and womb wisdom within online containers & holds international women retreats. She is here to co-assist in ushering forward the New Earth templates.

Ivonne Davey  Nurturing the soul takes many forms and in all the names and the forms we invite in unity and diversity. This is my motivation and intention in my offerings, cooking, Yoga and ritual. The relationship with food and what makes preping a meal possible: the efforts of those working the Land, tracing roots back. Those roots have been here before and will be here after. This is the magic of in traditional mexican food. This asset has been passed down to me from my mother and the women in my family tree. 

As a mature woman, my work has shifted after decades of purification to embody the wisdom of my lived expereinces. My ancestral wisdom has revealed the ways to heal and mend the herat through Sacred Indigenous  Cacao. Serving cacao is an earned merit first by blood to awaken the higher realms, the return of Quetzalcoatl consciousness. 

Asking for permission, honoring and naming the original keepers, the Mayan and the Aztecs from the lands of Anahuac. Drinking cacao should not be a trendy thing but a responsibility to assist in resurrecting the ancient ways of Mesoamerica, the path to the heart and intelligence of our mother Tonanzin. Cacao is the blood of Mother Earth in the Mexica Tradition.

It it my prayer that in all I do and offer I may serve to the fullest contribution for All. Removing the “me or mine” to be an instrument of the divine. Tlazohcamati, Ivonne. 

Jade Brunel image

Alyse Romano  Growing up with ballet and later diving deep into Yoga, Alyse’s life has been dedicated to developing somatic awareness. She holds a B.F.A in dance, has taught various forms of dance for over 10 years, and has shared Yoga through the lens of the Eightfold Path for the last 5 years. It is her pleassure and passion to guide somatic practices and movement for embodying prensence in the womb space, inegrating healing expereinces into the body and allowing pure authentic expression to flow.

Alyse honors the body temple by preparing high vibrational, plant based foods with a prayer for healing, vitality and gratitude for the plants. She values food as medicine and honors plants as radiant intelligent beings that are willing to help us heal holistically and naturally. It is her vision that movement and food medicine serve on this retreat as tools to help the body receive and integrate the healing properties of the Elements into every cell of our being.