About Me 

“It is my honor to support your personal empowerment & healing with the intention of supporting our global evolution.” ~ Marilu Shinn

I was born & raised in Mexico City. Growing up, I was surrounded by parallel worlds: the contemporary Mexico & the eclipsed, old world of mysticism. I witnessed firsthand my grandmother’s Earth-based healing practices, which she transmitted to me, & the deeply embedded use of Plant Medicine & Ancestral Ceremony by the “Curanderos” (healers). The way my mother treated aches, pains and ailments was solely through plant remedies and smoke. My siblings and I were all born at home with the aid of a midwife, a partera, who was also a skilled Nagual (keeper of Ancient Nahuatl Traditions).

The Shamanic way of empowerment & healing is not something I recently came upon or learned about by reading books, rather, it has been an integral part of my life experience & vision since I was a child. Following in my ancestors’ footsteps, it is my highest destiny and my passion to walk the Path of the Medicine Woman & ordained Priestess with the intention of supporting your highest expression.

My formal training includes the Four Winds, Light Body School, founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo and an ongoing apprenticeship with the Indigenous Q’ero people of the high Andes of Peru. I was initiated in the Incan Shamanic Tradition by Don Alberto Mencariapa in 2005, in Tipon, Peru, and I am a Mesa Mastana Carrier connected to the ancient wisdom traditions of Tahuantinsuyo, present day Peru.

 I also hold BA in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 2003, I was certified as a Yoga instructor by the Mount Madonna School. The ancient teachings from those two traditions has helped me deepen my understanding of the many natural & somatic ways in which we can bring about soul-level healing and transformation at the deepest cellular level and re-alignment with Purpose & Source Energy, once we trust our body’s wisdom and innate capacity to restore itself.

I have also been fortunate to receive Teachings & Rites of the Sacred Feminine Archetypes & Wisdom from renown scholar Vicki Noble, author of the books, “The Double Goddess and Shakti Woman” and the tarot deck Motherpeace. However, my devotion & practice is exclusively Shamanic & informed by the Q’ero Wisdom Keepers.

I offer online Earth-Based Medicine and Womb Wisdom Teachings, and hold Ceremony in Santa Cruz, California. In addition, I facilitate International Women’s Retreats. I look forward to connecting with you.