Resiliency through Ancestral Reclamation 

Meets on Thursdays at 5 pm PST for 5 consecutive weeks beginning on Thursday, September 28th

5-7 pm via zoom


This community based offering is birthed through my own recent Ancestral work in my homelands of Mexico City and informed by my 15 + years of experience walking and embodying the Red Path as an Initiated Medicine Woman in the Inca/Andean Shamanic Tradition.

It is my Intention to hold an impeccable container for you and us to Re-weave the stories, legacies and resiliency of our Ancestors.

While in part I we acknowledged the collective woundings and ancestral traumas that have been passed on thorugh blood and bone, in part II we begin to See, to Seed and to Tell the beauty, the legacy and the stories of resieliency of those who came before us.

We begin to seed and envision the legacy we wish to leave behind for our descendants. The invitation is: What legacy do you wish to weave together in this container?  

Part II invites you to create art, poetry, to write or re-write the stories and narratives that lived within you but from a higher place of power and liberation.

May the voices and legacies of the Ancestors who lived with Colonial Shackles be heard, be honored…

We will specifically work with the North Direction of the Andean Shamanic Tradition. The Direction of the North in the cultures of the Americas represents and is dedicated to the Ancestors, Ancient Ones. It is believe that when we transition from this realm, we cross over through the North into the Mictlampa, place of Death and eventual rebirth.

What I intend and envision for part II is a deeper sense of sisterhood and community coherence for us WOC. A space where each one of you is seen, heard and honored, thereby uplifting your ancestors; to facilitate our communal sense of resiliency through ancestral Reclamation.

You are encouraged to take up space, to use and liberate your voice, to active the wealth of ancestral technology, wisdom and magic that lives dormant as a seed within your cellular memory. 

Part II invites us to deeper Reconciliation with the lands, the people, the culture and Traditions we each come from and to weave them into a beautiful communal tapestry. Each week we will engage in restorative platicas telling and narrating the legacies and stories of our ancestral lands and our peoples and echoing them accross time and space dimensions, into the Pacha.

I want us to invite and to initiate reparations of the web of life and our place within it as women of color carriers of deep ancestral wisdom. Are you ready?  Your presence is welcome as a crucial part of the tapestry we are about to co-weave and uplift. This offering is open to All, men, women and non-binary and it is being offered at a sliding scale exchange.

The Structure 

  • Week one: Inviting in the Four Sacred Directions. Setting each one’s  intentions as well as the collective intention and bluprint. Seeting the tone and sealing the container
  • Week 2: What is Ancestral Resiliency, how do we reclaim ancestral resiliency and begin to unlock the magic that lives within us from a place of power? 
  • Week 3: We are not broken and do not need to be fixed, we need to access and embody the wealth of ancetral wisdom.
  • Week 4: Our place within the web of life as women of color and the tapestry we are here to co-weave in the ancient future. 
  •  Week 5: Reconciliation with our lands and place of origin, with our cultures and Traditions. Closing sound bath ceremony facilitated by Carolina of @luminousfive

    You are invited and encouraged to bring uplifting Ofrendas including food to each one of our meetings. IMPORTANT: please  bring dry coffee, cacao, rice, beans or lentis seeds to each meeting. 


    Note, you will receive the zoom link 24 hours before we officially open the container.  Meets every Thursday for 5 consecutive weeks from 5-7 pm PST

    If  you need a 2-payment option OR if you need to pay using your debit/credit card, please email me at: 

    Reply available