CACAO, The Roots of Wisdom

Sourced from the indigenous communities of Tabasco, Mexico and the Guatemala Jungles


It is my honor to share collective Cacao ceremonies as passed down to me by the Eleders in Mexico through Abuelo Efrén Hernández Maldonado, and Guatemala through Tata Izaias and his wife Isabel Mendoza from @lavalovecacao,  Lava Love Cacao. To offer the wisdom and heart medicine of cacao to you.

Cacao offers a sacred way to acknowledge and  honor our ancestry.  Cacao is the raw, base ingredient in chocolate. The cacao bean is called theobroma Cacao, “the food of the Gods,” and its origins date back thousands of years before the Conquest of the Americas. It is a rainforest superfood in South America.

The first people who cultivated cacao were the Olmec, who lived in the area of Mexico we currently know as Veracruz and Tabasco.

Historically, Cacao has been used in rituals in Mesoamerica with its roots being passed down to the Olmec people of present day Veracruz. Later, the Mayan and the Aztec civilizations developed whole ritualistic practices where cacao was consumed to connect with the unseen realms, with the Ancestors, and to arrive at important decisions impacting the communities of the leaders and the kings.

Cacao seeds were so highly revered that they were used as currency throughout Mesoamerica as well as a sacred beverage and symbol of royalty among the ruling classes. In our present day, we are so privileged to have access to this sacred heart and blood cleansing medicine and, therefore, we are  invited to honor its Original Carriers. 

Currently, at the Time of the New Earth, this ancestral fruit has come to aid our humanity and to support our collective healing as a plant medicine, as a medicine of the heart. Cacao’s intelligence works at the heart center! 

Cacao Health Benefits

  • Heart and brain health 
  • Blood detoxification and purification
  • Energetic balance
  • High soruce of magnesium
  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Activates blood flow
  • It is packed with antioxidants
  • And when used ceremoniously, it can facilitate heart centered communication.

Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso.
( Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick. )


In serving cacao elixir and facilitating healing ceremonies, it is my intention to raise awareness about this plant medicine and dignify and Name its Indigenous origins and original carriers. 

As such, I act as a steward in service to the original keepers, their communities, families and villages who continue to preserve and maintain the roots and Tradition of cacao. This is also their livelihood. For this reason, part of the funds generated through the sales of the cacao bars go back to their communities, both in Tabasco and Guatelmala. 

It is my duty and responsibility to keep the knowledge pure, without diluting the principles and wisdom inherent in the cacao seeds, and to not mix Lineages.

 In this way and by giving back to the lands and the people from where this medicine comes, we Decolonize this ancestral wisdom and uplift the millenarian Cosmovisión of Latin American Civilizations. 

Each cacao bar and seed contains the love, efforts, labor, prayers, and hard working hands of many indigenous communities.

I offer the priviledge of experiencing and sitting with sacred Cacao to you, in service to my guides with whom I continue to study: Abuelo Efrén Hernández Maldonado, and Tata Izaias and his wife Isabel Mendoza from @lavalovecacao, and to my Aztec lineage and beloved ancestors.

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Cacao (sold in 1 lb solid bars)
$78 USD per pound, includes shipping within the USA.

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