The Return of the Divine Feminine: The New Myth

 Meets once a week for 13 consecutive weeks.

We begin on Sunday, February 19th 

4-6:15  pm PST

         Online via Zoom.        

The Return of the Divine Feminine 

Myths, Legends and History inform our Collective Consciousness in ways we don’t even realized.

The blueprints inherent in mythology and mythological figures leave a lasting imprint in the psyche of our consciousness and for the last 500 years the Myth that has arranged and informed our consensual reality is the myth of Conquest, Sacrifice, Power Over and Extraction of Lands and People.

However, at this crucial and Prophetic time a New, Yet Ancient Mythology is Returning to inform our Walk and next evolutionary stage. This Myth carries the potential Imprint for reciprocal exchanges, for Regenerative cycles and rhythm deeply in Alignment with the Cycles of the Earth herself and so mirroring Right Relationship. 

 This New Myth will ushers forward an evolutionary leap in human consciousness and that is why Women are Being Called to Remember what it is Living in sustainable , deeply Embody ways instead of linear, goal oriented, Patriarchal timelines that have depleted and dried out our bodies and souls.  

This incredible and soulful Program is for you if: 

  • You are tired of the grind and hustle meantality and way of bieng.
  • You are yearning to Serve from a higher template, one that is in Alignmet with sustainability and Right Relationship. 
  • You are deprogramming and decolonizing your life, your mind and Spirit. 
  • You are ready to Conspire and Collude on behalf of the Return of the Divine Feminine.
  • You are Here to Midwife the New Mythology.  
  • You know deep in your bones that you are here at this time to Embody your walk and Purpose. 
  • You know that you are a Co-creator not a victim of external circumstances.
  • You are ready to invite in Abundance, Prosperity and Wisdom by clearning your temple. 
  • You wish to learn concrete tools and tips on how to lead a more meaningful, sacred life serving other women and the Great Mother herself. 

Beloved One: This is the time for Liberation, Reclamation and to shift Timelines in order to align with the Prophetic New Earth and we do this together in this 13 weeks container.  This is a shift in perception and orientation from patriarchal, linear orientation to a more cyclical and hence more sustainable way of being and walking upon the Earth at this time of the big shift. 

This is also a Holy Initiation into Ancient Rites and  Innovative ways of Leading, exchanging and Being, anchored in the heart and the womb. Sourcing from Nature’s rhythms and from your own innate body Intelligence.  

In this interactive, somatic, experiential and knowledge based container you will be Initiated into the Path of the Divine Feminine as a sacred Blueprint, source, and way of  Relating with All of life, human and more than human.

  This container also carries the potential to catalyze you into new ways of leadership, abundance and can open a new Pathway to Service. 

Are you ready to answer the Call? 

 You will received New Codes and ways of being that allow for new ways of  giving from a nourished, sustained cup rather than from burn out or overwhelmed. 

The wisdom and tools provided here will equip you with tangible practices that you can integrate into your professional life and into your relationships. It will deepen your relationship to Yourself, the Web of Life and the Earth Mother herself  in ways that will begin to align you, your soul and unique blueprint with the new Evolutionary Myth and Timeline Frequencies. 

This highly curated container will potentially amplify your work and offerings if you already work with women in the healing arts or as a coach. 

By engaging in discussions, questions, rituals,  somatic movement and journaling work , You will remember your original blueprint and soul purpose as a vessel for the consciousness of the Divine feminine and how to Serve from this rooted, embodied place as we usher forward the New Evolutionary stage for our shared  future. 


The Return of the Divine Feminine – Topics and schedule 


What is Included


  • 13 live streaming group meetings infused with practical information and wisdom based on the New Mythology we as a collective are transitioning into. 
  • Cutting edge leadership support to help you navigate the current shifts AND co-creation within our container of new ways of “doing business” and  having real impact in the world in an embodied, aligned Way! One that emanates from being in Right Relationship with the Web of Life. 
  • Group interactive, sensory and participatory shamanistic practices. 
  • Trauma informed support, guidance and somatic practices to elicit physical, energetic and emotional release.
  • Guided Shamanistic Drum Sound Journeys exploring the New Mythology timeline. 
  • Guided Visionary practices to select and align with new trajectories for your Leadership and your offerings in the world so you may step into your Authentic calling at this prophetic time. 
  • Comparative exploration of Linear Patriarchal Timelines of Conquest and Sacrifice vs Cyclical, Restorative Exchanges informed by the Feminine essence of creation.
  • Somatic movement and Ceremonies.  
  • Guided journaling and prompt questions to elicit deeper relationship with self and deeper inner reflection, integration and clarity. 
  • A nourishing and private container for you to be witnessed, held and seen.
  • Email access 24 hours for guidance, support and questions. 
  • Private WhatsApp group for communal support, inspiration and accountability.  
  • Spotify Playlist
  • Rites and Initiations. 

If this is a YES for you, then, let’s journey together.

This requires a 13 weeks commitment from you!

Recordings will be provided if you are unable to join the live transmissions. 

Container begins on:

Sunday, February 19th 

It was Medicine enough to just be in circle with Marilu, who leads by example as she stands in her truth and embodies cyclical wisdom. Her guidance is clear, yet gentle and honors what is present from moment to moment. This profound journey allowed enough time for us to truly slow down, make space for releasing old paradigms while learning and understanding the lunar and menstrual cycles to bring in new paradigms rooted in reciprocity. Witnessing and sharing in the safe and sacred with the group Marilu magnetized was a huge part of the journey and made space for connection, validation and powerful healing. I’m so grateful for Marilu and this container. I feel so much more connected to the Earth, my womb and the moon.

Alyse Romano

Greetings Marilu,

It was such a pleasure to work with you in the eight-week program. I have been teaching women for over two decades, and somewhere along the way I lost myself and my voice. Working with you helped me find my voice again, step deeper in the divine feminine path and discover the medicine I was born to bring into the world for personal and global healing. I feel so much more empowered to share this work with my sisters and help them reclaim their medicine and rise up as healers, teachers, mothers, mystics, artists and change agents. It is our time! Thank you for leading the way.

Kim Bady

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