At this Prophetic Time of the New Pachaqutec,

I look forward to Rebirthing. 


It was Medicine enough to just be in circle with Marilu, who leads by example as she stands in her truth and embodies cyclical wisdom. Her guidance is clear, yet gentle and honors what is present from moment to moment. This profound journey allowed enough time for us to truly slow down, make space for releasing old paradigms while learning and understanding the lunar and menstrual cycles to bring in new paradigms rooted in reciprocity. Witnessing and sharing in the safe and sacred with the group Marilu magnetized was a huge part of the journey and made space for connection, validation and powerful healing. I’m so grateful for Marilu and this container. I feel so much more connected to the Earth, my womb and the moon.

Alyse Romano

Greetings Marilu,

It was such a pleasure to work with you in the eight-week program. I have been teaching women for over two decades, and somewhere along the way I lost myself and my voice. Working with you helped me find my voice again, step deeper in the divine feminine path and discover the medicine I was born to bring into the world for personal and global healing. I feel so much more empowered to share this work with my sisters and help them reclaim their medicine and rise up as healers, teachers, mothers, mystics, artists and change agents. It is our time! Thank you for leading the way.

Kim Bady

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