Womb Wisdom:

A Trauma Informed 8 weeks offering into Somatic Womb  Healing & Embodiment.

Begins on Saturday,  January 2nd for 8 cosecutive weekends

Online via Zoom.        Time 4-6:30 pm PST




 Womb Wisdom

Collectively we are in a time of great transformation, of regeneration & returning to natural, circadian, Lunar & Earth rhythms. Our Earth planet is needing us Women to re-sync our cycles to her cycles, our rhythms to her rhythms. One of the ways in which we can bring restoration to both our internal and external environments and to our Earth body is by Reclaiming the potency, wisdom, healing & Medicine inherit in our menstrual cycles. By re-learning how to map our cycles

In this interactive, somatic & experiential series, you will remember to notice how your body & blood cycles are linked to your overall health, well being and purpose in the world.

This in turn influences & informs your hormones, your moods, your emotions & energy levels. Yes! it is that potent. In this offering, you will begin to reclaim, activate & remember this Ancient Wisdom to optimize hormonal & energy levels so that you can give from a nourished, sustained cup rather than from burned out or overwhelmed. 

We will journey through the 4 main phases of the Moon beginning on Saturday, January 2nd 2021  

The information & tools provided here will equipped you with wisdom that you can tangibly integrate into your life. 

By engaging in discussions, questions, rituals,  somatic movement and journaling work , You will remember that your blood contains DNA coding & ancestral information, blueprints & that you have the capacity to heal personal trauma as well as your ancestral line by healing your relationship to your cycle & your body thereby being able to pass on this wisdom to other women in women’s circles. We will journey through shame, guilt, celebration, reclamation & everything in between


What is Included  

  • 8 live streaming group meetings infused with practical information, wisdom and group interactive practices. 
  • Trauma informed support, guidance and somatic practices that elicit physical, energetic and emotional releasing and healing of long held imprints.
  • 2 guided Soul Retrievals (Shamanic Healing Modality that elicits psycho-somatic recall, releasing and brain re-pattering. 
  • 1 guided Shamanic Journey to select new trajectories away from pre-scripted family narratives. 
  • Blood Cycle Mapping following the 4 main phases of the moon. 
  • A nourshing and private container for you to be witnessed, held and seeing.
  • So you can return home to yourself, your body temple and your sense of safety and security in the world having the tools and confidence to follow your truth and life purpose. 

 NOTE: If you need a 2-3 payment plan, you will need to send payments using Paypal with this email. kawakenergymedicine@gmail.com and send 2 payments of $ 222 or 3  payments of $ 150 make sure to type in your current email in your payment note.

 If this is a YES for you, then, let’s journey together  

This requires an 8 week commitment from you! 

Dates: 8 consecutive Saturdays starting on January 2nd







Lunar Cycle