Upcoming Workshops & Ceremonies 

      December, January & February 2019 


 Working with Different Timelines.  Divination. The Shamanic Way of Seeing.   Soul Retrieval.  Shamanic Journey.                   

Winter Solstice Celebration: Cacao Ceremony & Shamanic Journey

At Watsonville Yoga Dance on 375 Main st. Watsonville, CA.

 An evening of sacred community circle & healing with heart opening  & heart warming Cacao Ceremony paired with a potent Shamanic Journey to sooth the entire body, mind & Soul. The vibration & Frequency that the drum generates heals neurological pathways in the brain. 

Friday, December 21st.  7-9 PM

End of the Year Women’s Mandala Ceremony.

Join us in a women’s circle as we release what is no longer serving; activate our intentions & seeds for the New Year & create a living, interactive prayer in the form of a round flower mandala offering fill with candy, fresh flowers, chocolate & written intentions as well as any small objects we wish to release

Offered at Mandala Holistic Hair & Wellness Center, 107 River st, Santa Cruz

on Thursday, December 27th from 6-8pm


Cacao Ceremony & Drum Shamanic Journey 

Join us in community circle at Divinitree, 1043 Water street, Santa Cruz

A potent guided Journey through the web of life to return to essence paired with Authentic Mexican Cacao Elixirs, the drink of the gods of Mesoamerica, an adaptogenic superfood that opens, warms & expands the heart. A sweet evening of Shamanic Medicine & healing.

Sunday February 10th.    6-8 pm

All workshops & Ceremonies are $ 30