Womb & Lunar  Cycle as Medicine

Sundays,  January 5, 12, 19 & 26  2020

Aptos,  Time 4-8 PM 



   Womb Wisdom 

Collectively we are in a time of great transformation, of regeneration & returning to natural, circadian, Lunar & Earth cycles. Our Earth planet is needing us Women to re-sync our cycles to her cycles, our rhythms to her rhythms. One of the ways in which we can bring restoration to both our internal and external environments and to OUR Earth body is by Reclaiming the potency, wisdom, healing & Medicine that is our blood cycle. By re-learning how to map our cycles.

In this interactive, somatic & experiential Initiation & exploration series we will remember to notice how your body & blood cycles are linked to your overall health, well being and mood.

This in turn influences & informs your hormones, your moods, your emotions & energy levels. Yes! it is that potent. In this offering you will begin to reclaim, activate & remember this Ancient Wisdom. We will journey through the 4 main phases of the Moon mirrored by the menstrual cycle: the follicular, ovulatory, lutheal & menstrual phases which in turn related to the 4 phases of the Moon: Waxing, Full, Waning and New Moon Respectively. 

By engaging in discussions, questions, rituals &  somatic movement, You will remember that your blood contains DNA coding & ancestral information, blueprints & that you have the capacity to heal your ancestral line by healing your relationship to your cycle & your body. We will journey through shame, guilt, celebration, reclamation & everything in between!

  • Are you ready to live more in alignment with your Sacred Feminine embodiment?
  • To move pass resistance, taboo & shame? To share & be held in a container of like minded women?
  • To tap into the sacred wisdom that is your blood cycle? To re-define your relationship with yourself?
  • To close cycles of self- sabotage? To re-orient yourself?


 If this is a YES for you, then, let’s journey together

This requires a 4 Sundays commitment from you! 






Lunar Cycle