Womb & Lunar  Cycle as Medicine

Sundays,  January 5, 12, 19 & 26

Aptos,  Time 4-8 PM 



   Womb Wisdom 

Collectively we are in a time of great transformation, of regeneration & returning to natural, circadian, Lunar & Earth cycles. Our Earth planet is needing us Women to re-sync our cycles to her cycles, our rhythms to her rhythms. One of the ways we can brig health is by Reclaiming the potency, wisdom, healing & Medicine that is our blood cycle. By learning how to map your cycle.

In this interactive, somatic & experiential Initiation & exploration series we will remember to notice how your body & blood cycles are linked to your overall health, well being and mood.

This in turn influences & informs your hormones, your moods, your emotions & energy levels. Yes! it is that potent. In this offering you will begin to reclaim, activate & remember this Ancient Wisdom. We will journey through the 4 main phases of the Moon & the menstrual cycle: the follicular, ovulatory, lutheal & menstrual phases.

By engaging in discussions, questions, rituals & movement, You will remember that your blood contains DNA coding & ancestral information, blueprints & that you have the capacity to heal your ancestral line by healing your relationship to your cycle. We will journey through shame, guilt, celebration, reclamation & everything in between!

  • Are you ready to live more in alignment with your Sacred Feminine embodiment?
  • To move pass resistance, taboo & shame? To share & be held in a container of like minded women?
  • To tap into the sacred wisdom that is your blood cycle? To re-define your relationship with yourself?
  • To close cycles of self- sabotage? To re-orient yourself?


                                      If this is a YES for you, then, let’s journey together

                                         This requires a 4 Sundays commitment from you! 






Lunar Cycle