Begins  on Friday, February 11th 

 Meets once a week for 16 weeks

4-6:15  pm PST

         Online via Zoom.        

Embodied Leadership: A Return to Self 

Collectively we are in a time of great transformation, of regeneration and returning to natural, circadian, Lunar and Earth rhythms. Our Earth Mother is transitioning her position in the milky way and coming to the center of it. This rare event only happens every 26,000 years and when it does, it ushers forward an evolutionary leap in human consciousness. Hence, she is needing us Women to re-sync our cycles to her cycles, our rhythms to her rhythms.

One of the ways in which we can bring restoration to both our internal and external landscapes and to the body of our Earth is by Reclaiming the potency, wisdom, healing and Medicine inherent in our menstrual cycles; in the ways of the Sacred Feminine, in the ways of deep intuition and inner knowing. This is a shift in perception and orientation from patriarchal, linear orientation to a more cyclical and hence more sustainable way of being and walking upon the Earth at this time of the big shift in paradigm.

This is also a holy Initiation into Ancient Womb Wisdom and and into new, Innovative ways of leadership, anchored in the heart and womb rather than the head.  

This is indeed deep medicine and Alchemy, beloved. Are you ready to re-learn how to synchronize your cycles with lunar and Earth cycles? How to source from within?

In this interactive, somatic and experiential 4-month offering,  you will remember to notice how your body and blood cycles are linked to your overall health, well being and purpose in the world. This container can catalyze you into new ways of leadership as a woman co-birthing the New Earth anchored in the Wisdom of the Womb.

Are you ready to go deep and answer the Call? 

 In this offering, you will begin to reclaim, activate and remember Ancient Wisdom to optimize your well being and embodiment.  You will received New Codes and ways of being that allow for new ways of  giving from a nourished, sustained cup rather than from burned out or overwhelmed. 

We will journey through the 4 main phases of the Moon beginning in between the new moon and the full moon on Friday, February 11th for 16 consecutive weeks. Part of the material provided here will also cover the archetypes of the First 4 Major Arcana: The Fool, The High Priestess, The Empress and the Magician and how to tap into their energies for Evolutionary Empowerment. 

The information and tools provided here will equip you with wisdom that you can tangibly integrate into your professional life, into your relationships. It will deepen your relationship to Yourself in ways you haven’t experienced before. 

This highly curated container will potentially amplify your work and offerings, if you already work with women in the healing arts or as a coach. 

By engaging in discussions, questions, rituals,  somatic movement and journaling work , You will remember that your blood contains DNA coding & ancestral memory, blueprints and that you have the capacity to heal personal trauma as well as your ancestral line by healing your relationship to yourself first, thereby being able to pass on this wisdom to other women in women’s circles. We will journey through shame, guilt, celebration, reclamation, Leadership, embodiment and everything in between.

Embodied Leadership – Topics and Schedule  (PDF)


What is Included  

  • 16 live streaming group meetings infused with practical information on menstrual, biological cycles, lifestyle, diet and emotional well being to help you usher forward a more embodied you.
  • Cutting edge leadership support to help you navigate the current shifts AND co-creation within our container of new ways of “doing business” and  having real impact in the world in an embodied, aligned Feminine Leadership Way! One that emanates from being anchored in your Womb space not in your head. 
  • Group interactive and participatory practices. 
  • Trauma informed support, guidance and somatic practices to elicit physical, energetic and emotional releasing and healing of long held imprints.
  • Guided Soul Retrievals (Shamanic Healing Modality) that elicit psycho-somatic repair, releasing and brain re-patterning. 
  • Guided Shamanic Journeys and Visionary practices to select and align with new trajectories for your Leadership and your offerings in the world so you may step into your Authentic calling unapologetically while connecting deeper and in more embodied ways to the Web of Life in and around you. 
  • Blood Cycle Mapping following the 4 main phases of the moon: Full, Waning, New and Waxing Moons and their respective energies as well as the archetypes of the First Four Major Arcana and how those energies can assist you in tangible ways in harnessing your vital energy and creativity. 
  • Somatic movement and dance focusing on hips, pelvic floor and womb space. 
  • Guided journaling and prompt questions that elicit deeper relationship with self and deeper inner reflection, integration and clarity. 
  • A nourishing and private container for you to be witnessed, held and seeing.
  • So you can return home to yourself, your body temple and your sense of safety and security in the world having the tools and confidence to follow your truth and Leadership. 

If this is a YES for you, then, let’s journey together.

This requires a 4-month commitment from you!

Recordings will be provided if you are unable to join the live transmissions. 

DATES:  16 consecutive weeks 

It was Medicine enough to just be in circle with Marilu, who leads by example as she stands in her truth and embodies cyclical wisdom. Her guidance is clear, yet gentle and honors what is present from moment to moment. This profound journey allowed enough time for us to truly slow down, make space for releasing old paradigms while learning and understanding the lunar and menstrual cycles to bring in new paradigms rooted in reciprocity. Witnessing and sharing in the safe and sacred with the group Marilu magnetized was a huge part of the journey and made space for connection, validation and powerful healing. I’m so grateful for Marilu and this container. I feel so much more connected to the Earth, my womb and the moon.

Alyse Romano

Greetings Marilu,

It was such a pleasure to work with you in the eight-week program. I have been teaching women for over two decades, and somewhere along the way I lost myself and my voice. Working with you helped me find my voice again, step deeper in the divine feminine path and discover the medicine I was born to bring into the world for personal and global healing. I feel so much more empowered to share this work with my sisters and help them reclaim their medicine and rise up as healers, teachers, mothers, mystics, artists and change agents. It is our time! Thank you for leading the way.

Kim Bady

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