The Embodied Sacred Feminine

Healing Our Ancestors, Healing Ourselves.

Bay Area, September 14 & 15 

       The Embodied Sacred Feminine

A collaborative offering with Anais Szabo. Anais is an Ancestral Healing Facilitator & Master Seer.
In my recent teachings, I realized how exiled our Ancestors have been & how disconnected we are from them in the illusion that if we don’t see them or if they are deceased they longer inform or affect us, but this is remove from the true: what they didn’t resolve, heal or accomplish is passed down until we take the time to honour them, heal our relationship with them & release them!
In this 2 day retreat, we will dive deep into Ancestral Healing & into places where we need closure, forgiveness, releasing.

We will illuminate the way into more expansive narratives to guide our lives with & build Medicine Bundles with items from Nature that will then be offer to the fires for transformation.

We will dance, grief, descent & ascend, celebrate & integrate.

We will journey into the subconscious via Shamanic Journeys & potent channeling facilitated by Anais & myself to explore where we are still holding ourselves & our Ancestors back AND emerge more 

integrated, whole, embodied as Sacred Feminine creatures because when we release old stories & inhered patterns, we create new space within & the quality of our Energy Field & Vibration are amplified & we are then able to walk more in our Truth unapologetically.
We will Alchemize Old Stories into Sources of Power & create Ancestral Altars to honor where we come from, our roots & those that came before us & those that will come after us.



Marilu Shinn holds a private practice as  Shamanic Practitioner since 2012 & has been a Hatha Yoga teacher since 2005. Her formal training includes the Four Winds Society & the Mount Madonna Institute of Yoga as well as an ongoing apprenticeship with the Nusta Medicine Women of Peru. Her own healing journey brought her to embodied the Ancient Wisdom Traditions of Peru & to share the Medicine & Beauty of this Lineage as a path towards Empowerment & Embodiment. Her mission & passion are to reconnect Women with their Authentic Selves; to awaken their somatic awareness through Yoga & Shamanic Practices & to reconnect them with their innate Sacred Wisdom as the foundations for leading fulfilling, whole lives. Marilu holds Women Empowerment Circles & Earth Based Ceremony in the Santa Cruz mountains. She works with men & women.

Anais Szabo is a spiritual teacher & healer. She is a voice for er Ancestors & Star family Anais helps people globally expand their consciousness & begin to feed the collective healing of humanity. She facilitates ritual, teaches classes & offers private healing sessions. She will guide you through the deep layers of remembering your soul’s purpose & awakening to the intrinsic energy that is you. Your unique journey bring layers of spiritual awakenings that I can help you navigate as we connect to your guides & the Divine. I believe the deeper you connect to your Ancestors & bring for their stories, the deeper you will be able to know yourself. My unique & find tune abilities create a sacred space for Spirit to communicate with you.






The Flow: 

Saturday: Awareness; What is everyone’s story/ blockage/ thing we want to work on? Why did you come? Clearing thoughts/ projections/ expectations/ judgemments so that healing can take place.

9 am: Opening Circle & Sacred Space, Clear Intention

11: Break

12-1: 30 pm: Movement & Shamanic Journey: Accessing the Subconscious

1: 30-2: 30 pm: Lunch

2:30-5: Welcoming & Working with the Ancestors. Ancestral Healing Altar.  

5-6:30pm: Compassionately cutting energetic cords that keep us bound to the past.

6:30 -7:30pm: Dinner

7:30-9 pm: Potent Fire Ceremony to Combust & Alchemize Stagnant Energies. 


Sunday: Creating New Space for Growth

8 – 9am: Breathwork. Discussing & Integrating the work from Saturday 

9:30-10:30: Breakfast

11- 12pm:  Earth Wisdom Teachings ” Living in right Relationship with our Ancestors

1-2pm: Lunch

2-5pm: Guided Journal wok, remapping our Story & Channeling of Higher Ascended Beings. 

5-6: Guided Shamanic Journey to access the subconscious & retrieve Power given to past lovers, Ancestors or old Belief Systems. 

6-8: Dinner & Closing Circle