An Introduction to the Medicine Woman Path

Begins on Friday, April 7th and meets for 4 consecutive months. 

Online via Zoom.        Time 4-6:30 pm PST

An Introduction to the Medicine Woman Path

I welcome you dear sister if you are  hearing and longing to answer the Call of sacred service to our collective evolution at this time of the New Pachaqutec. This offering is an invitation to those committed to breaking away from extractive systems and ways of relating that had desecrated the sacred rhythms of life.

This is a calling to the future women who will inherit the stewardship and birth of the prophesized New Time through the Indigenous  Medicine of the Earth in Right Relationship, and in Integrity with the Web of Life.

This container is birthed and being offered at the time of the big shift in our humanity and provides an introduction to Indigenous ways of seeing and relating rooted in Earth Based as a healing modality with the intention of repairing the soul, the emotional body, the physical body, the energy field and all of our relations including the relationship with our Ancestors. 

In the Direction of the North we honor and pay offerings to the lands we occupy, to the ancient ones and to our departed love ones through ritualistic and ceremonial practices by building a communal altar. 

This offering is intended to provide you with an orientation of what Earth Based Medicine is actually about. To illuminate what this whole cosmo-vision and way of living is about. To reawaken within you the emerging Archetype of the Medicine Woman and her dynamic role at this time in ushering forward a new consciousness through her service and embodiment. Through her devotion in awakening herself and others from the illusions and distortions of separation.

To bring forward a new dawn.

Are you ready to answer the Call and commit to this sacred path of devotion
and higher service from a place of clarity and not from ego? 

This offering is in no way a full apprenticeship, but intended to dispel misconceptions about Indigenous ways of being and healing. It is offered for you to get a glimpse into the Indigenous mind, spirit, ways of seeing life and cosmo-vision and doesn’t prepare you to perform any type of healing on others.

This container is intended to provide you with tools for self empowerment and transformation and to deepen your relationship with our Earth Mother as well as provide you with an overview of the Ways in which Medicine Women and Earth keepers work, harness and commune in partnership with the Sacred Elements-water, fire, Earth and air, – the Four Sacred Directions, the Four Sacred Winds, the Elementals, Animal Spirit Allies and the Unseen. All of those are aspects of Earth Based Shamanistic Medicine and the Web of Life in and around you, and within this container they will become Alive trough somatic and sensory practices like Shamanic Drum Sound Journeys and Soul Retrievals and activate within you a Remembrance, an Initiation. 

 I will share the ways I was raised with and my lived experiences with Indigenous Earth keepers.  My intention is to be a clear bridge for those teachings to be pass on to you at this time so that you can eventually facilitate transformation, healing and liberation for others. 

Are you ready??

This offering is divided into 4 modules and we will engage with each module/Sacred Direction for 1 whole month,
experiencing and engaging with the many layers, essences and energies of each Direction and corresponding element. 

Each month will be informed by a specific Element ( Earth,Fire, Water and Air) and we will sync and entrance with the elements through various somatic and sensory shamanistic experiences.  

South: Serpent, Earth medicine element and the terrain of physical healing. The collective and personal unconscious/the shadow. 

West: Jaguar Medicine and fire element. The medicine of discernment, impeccability, empowerment and acting consequently.

North: The medicine of water and hummingbird: the Ancient Ones. Being in Right Relationship with the web of life, with the Ancestors, and with the Earth’s intelligence.

East: the medicine of the condor, the future unfolding, air element and the prophecies of the New Times.

Within this container you will create a ritual space as well as a physical medicine wheel representing each direction, each element, each archetype and each elemental. Your Medicine Wheel will be weaved seamlessly within each direction and will become your navigating compass, personal map and orientation.

This living  Medicine wheel will be fluid and will become an integral part of your path, your healing and transformation within this container. As you engage with this medicine wheel, you will receive clarity and revelations as well as potent alchemy orchestrate by the Lineage I represent: The Q’ero Lineage of the Mesa Tradition. 

Within this offering there will be other experiential and somatic practices including Womb Wisdom and monthly Moon rituals working with the Elements intended to activate the Medicine Woman within you. You will also be engaging in Earth Based assigments to be conducted within smaller groups in between the live transmissions. The teachings being offered are fully participatory, and engaging with the intention of building community and sacred connections.

What else is included: 

  • A private Whatsapp group for support, community, inspiration and accountability and to share our breakthroughs and struggles.
  • Spotify playlist to flow with the blueprint of the teachings and themes.
  • 24 hours email access to me for questions and to suport your path.
  • 2-3 surprise guest presenters to provide you with a deeper innerstanding of what this path and way of living is about and looks like in the practice.
  • Note: If you are a returning woman who has taken this program before, you will receive 22 % off and/or if you are curently enrolled in my Return of the Divine Feminine program.

We meet every Friday beginning on April 7th for 16 consecutive weeks,  the meetings will be recorded.   

A PDF document of the full 16-week program schedule is available upon request: 

Participation in this program requires a commitment from you!

Blessed Be, Thank you for saying YES!

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