To the Q’ero, Peruvian vision, everything is embedded with Kawsay or living energy. In our daily interactions, we accumulate either dense-hucha- or light energy-sami- depending on our own vibration and state of being. To the Q’ero healers, there is no bad or good energy; there is only light or dense energies. Energetic Extractions are a central part to their approach of healing and balancing. Using the purest of crystals and my tracking skills, I remove intrusive energies that are not an authentic part of your highest self’s expression. By removing or extracting those energies, we powerfully shift affinities so that you no longer are a match to denser energies. I also employ Quartz crystals to release energetic bonds or cords at the end of a relationship when my client is ready to let go and move on with awareness and gratitude.


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