If you feel that your living environment is not supporting your health or your goals or if you feel blocked and not nourished at home, it is likely that your environment is calling for an attunement. I offered potent home clearings to remove energetically stagnated or over-loaded energies. Home clearings are performed in a ceremonial, ritualistic way using the elements that Pachamama so abundantly offers: water, sea salt, flowers, balancing and healing herbs such as eucalyptus, sage and rosemary. You will notice the energetic shift and the immediate benefits of re-calibrating and harmonizing your living space bringing you and your family clarity and new perspective! When we attuned our environment, our relationships and other aspects of our lives are realigned in Allyu or reciprocity. House Clearings price: $ 400 2 1/2 hrs.   Price changes for larger homes or land and also for out of the area appointments.


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