Ancestral Mending and Reclamation

This particular circle begins on the full harvest moon, saturday, october 3rd

In the Realm of Spirit, Energy Medicine and Ancestors, healing and mending, celebration and closure don’t happen intellectually or at the level of the mind, but rather by tapping into the sacredness that is created through Ritual, Ceremony, Offerings and Invocation.

When we step outside of linear time and open our capacity to tune in to the magic that Intention and a sacred container can provide, we meet at the level of infinite time where the veils that separate the two worlds part so that we may communicate directly with our departed Ancestors and loved ones. It is here in this liminal space that healing at the level of our DNA imprints, karmic and old wounding passed down by blood occurs. It is here where we can teast the sweet nectar of hummingbird medicine 

It is through sacred smoke, offerings; through witnessing and being witnessed that our prayers are elevated up to spirit and ancestors for liberation and closure.  

 In the Ancient cosmology of the Americas, including the Andean path I respectfully walked and served through, the North corresponds to the Ancestors. It is believed that when ancestors depart, they exit this realm through the North and hummingbird is the keeper of this direction. He will guide us as we weave our ancestral narratives and stories; journey through unprocessed grief, Colonial trauma and remembrance, and transform pain into ancestral wisdom. 

This offering will be informed by the Andean Medicine Wheel and the Four Sacred Directions and their corresponding energies, teachings and wisdom, as they can provide valuable insight for empowerment and transformation. 

You will also experience two Shamanic Journeys to shorten the gap between the two worlds and receive direct revelation and soul level healing and releasing. 

During our time together, we are building ancestral altars and be encourage to share the stories, legacies, resiliency and memories of the ones who came before you within our container. 

Meeting via zoom from 4-6:30 pm PST

Note: if you need a two payment plan option, please contact me. 

Requirement: Submit a two page letter of intent telling me about your current healing path. Your Ancestry. What has been forgotten, broken or sever in your ancestral line. What is your intention in joining this sacred offering. Email to: