The New Earth: Sacred Peru

Dates to be Announced 


                                                                            The New Earth: Sacred Peru

It is my deepest honor to facilitate this life changing Journey in collaboration with Paqo, Wilson Pinedo and with my beloved mentor from the Amazonia, Alberto Mancariapa who I have known & received teachings from since 2005.  This journey is only for those ready to step into the New Earth consciousness that is currently being birthed — for those willing to see and work with both their shadows and their light.

We will meet in the Sacred Valley, the place where the beings from the stars gathered in the town of Huycho, 1 hour from the city capital of Cusco.

All activities are optional,  the intention of this retreat is not to travel as a tourist but to connect with the Ancient Wisdom Traditions of Peru as a way to receive healing, empowerment, liberation, and a new understanding of this New Earth possibility. To receive teachings, transmissions, initiations, to commune in  respectful ways with the keepers of the Earth.

Both Wilson Pinedo and Don Alberto Mancariapa  were born into Ancestral Wisdom Traditions as Medicine holders who facilitate  Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies. They hold extensive expertise. They walk this Path as a way of life.

We will be honored by their presence and guidance.

Activities include:

Our retreat will open with a beautiful Fire Ceremony.  Each day will start with mindful practices like movement, breath work and ritual.

 Day Trips to Sacred Inca sites such as  Ollantaytambo, Pisac and Moray.  Earth Despacho Ceremony will be offered at Moray.

We will partake in sharing circles where you will learn about the Inca Cosmo-vision then have the opportunity to go to the beautiful markets of Pisac and Chincheros where local weavers and craftsmen bring their creations.

The whole time we will be in and around the Sacred Valley.  The Maras Salt terraces are also included in our itinerary as well as a pottery with local clay workshop and an authentic Peruvian cooking class at our lodge.  Our time together culminates by treking to the Sacred Apu mountain of Ausangate about 3 hours away.

We will stay here:

We will enjoy 3 fresh, locally source vegetarian, gluten free meals a day with optional fish and lean meat options available upon request.

The mystical, healing portion of our Journey includes:

Shamanic Drum Journeys will be offered in the evenings at the Yoga Shala.  Those Journeys hold the intention to deeper connect us to the Land, the Ancestors and the Web of Life.

I will facilitate a potent candlelit Soul Retrieval Ceremony:

Using the vibration and the repetitive sound of drum and rattle, we shift brain wave activity from delta, normal waken state to the slower Alpha wave pattern in order to elicit  a relax state with the intention of  accessing your subconscious mind.  In other words, we journey to non-ordinary terrains to the place where childhood memories, imprints and past experiences are stored with the intention of retrieving and recovering any fragmented or soul lost that you may have suffered as a result of past trauma, disconnect or difficult life experiences with the intention of re-integrating your life force and/or soul part back into your energetic and physical bodies.

A private Coca Visionary Leaf Reading by a master Seer is also included.

It is my responsibility to interview you and ask you a few written questions about your current emotional, mental and spiritual state if you wish to partake in the Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies of San Pedro and Ayahuasca facilitated by Wilson Pinedo and Don Alberto Mancariapa, respectively.  It is my responsibility to be selective of who I deem ready to embark on such deep personal work as it is also my responsibility to guard the well being of the entire group. Hence, a questionnaire, face interview and a signed waiver ARE REQUIRED to embark on this journey. Period. 

 Don Alberto Mancariapa
 Wilson Pinedo

Marilu Shinn has held a private practice as a Shamanic Practitioner since 2012. Her formal training includes the Four Winds Society of Shamanic Studies & the Mount Madonna Institute of Yoga, as well as an ongoing apprenticeship with the Qero Medicine people of Peru. Her own healing journey brought her to embody the Ancient Wisdom Traditions of Peru & to share the Medicine & Beauty of this Lineage as a path towards Empowerment & Embodied living. Her mission & passion are to reconnect people with their Authentic Selves, to awaken their somatic awareness through Yoga & Shamanic Practices & to reconnect them with their innate Sacred Wisdom as the foundations for leading fulfilling, whole lives. Marilu holds international Women Empowerment Retreats & Earth Based Ceremony in the Santa Cruz mountains. She works privately 1:1 with both men & women.