Sacred Sexuality : Empowering the Feminine 

Your Facilitators: 

Miriam Elyse is a licensed acupuncturist, certified Tantra Yoga instructor and founder of Pleasure as Medicine. In 2009 she began practicing Tantra Yoga in the midst of her acupuncture studies and experienced profound healing and an awakening of her primal energy. She immersed herself in the practice of Tantra and studied it as a healing science, which she integrated into her acupuncture practice. 

She has studied with healers from Native American and Tantric lineages and integrates this ancient wisdom into her practice at Pleasure as Medicine. Miriam focuses on helping women get out of their heads and into their bodies, to free themselves from sexual trauma or shame, to release anxiety and find their inner power and to connect to their partners with more pleasure, presence and power.

Marilu Shinn holds a private practice as  Shamanic Practitioner since 2012 & has been a Hatha Yoga teacher since 2005. Her formal training includes the Four Winds Society & the Mount Madonna Institute of Yoga as well as an ongoing apprenticeship with the Nusta Medicine Women of Peru. Her own healing journey brought her to embodied the Ancient Wisdom Traditions of Peru & to share the Medicine & Beauty of this Lineage as a path towards Empowerment & Embodiment. Her mission & passion are to reconnect Women with their Authentic Selves; to awaken their somatic awareness through Yoga & Shamanic Practices & to reconnect them with their innate Sacred Wisdom as the foundations for leading fulfilling, whole lives. Marilu holds Women Empowerment Circles & Earth Based Ceremony in the Santa Cruz mountains. She works both with men & women.

Sister, are you yearning to break free from limiting stories & from energetic cords that tie you to past lovers? Do you want to Reclaim a part of you that currently feels disconnected; to make space in your life for New Inspiration & Courageously Reclaim your Feminine Power & Heal your Sexuality by releasing Shame & Guilt? If this resonates: 

Join us in Costa Rica for an incredible Sacred Sexuality and feminine empowerment retreat. We will be diving deep into Lineage practices designed to help us connect to our innermost power, develop practices to awaken our sensuality; activate our Primal Feminine Energy & Reclaim our Sexuality as Sacred. 

Our Vision for YOU Sister is To: Connect from the heart with a group of powerful women . To heal & reclaim through embodiment practices. To activate our capacity for intimacy & sexuality. 

To release _______Our sexual wounds, limiting stories & past lovers, Yes, are you ready sister?!  So that we can ________ Come home to our Womb Temple & create our lives from this place. Establish our Sovereignty & remember that We are free, we are fearless, we are soulful. We just need to Embody this! 

Miraim & Marilu believe in the power of community & sisterhood because when we gather intentionally, we are able to open up, heal & lend a mirror to each other to remember our true Essence. We believe n the power of the Sacred Circle & the Sacred Womb. We are passionate healers & Lineage Carriers & are so excited to bring this unforgettable experience to YOU.  Sister if you Feel this Call in Your Bones, Join us!

Offerings include:

 3 delicious meals per day; Daily yoga, Sacred Somatic Movement Classes; Breathwork; Ritual, Prayer & Healing Ceremonies. Womb Rites & Transmissions; Meditation & Plenty of time to Play, Celebrate & Integrate!

Sample Daily Flow: 

Thu: Awareness; What is everyone’s story/ blockage/ thing we want to work on? Why did you come? Clearing thoughts/ projections/ expectations/ judgemments so that healing can take place.

8- 9 am: Breathwork/ light yoga/ chanting

9:30 – 10:30am: Breakfast

12-1pm: Movement

1-2 pm: Lunch

2-5: Break

5-6pm: teaching & practice: Shamanic Work would be offered in the evenings as they are more potent at this time.

6-7pm: Dinner

7-9pm: Sharing Circle/ Womb Rites

Fri: Allowing; feminine essence of magnetism. Surrender.

8 – 9am: Breathwork/ yoga/ chanting

9:30-10:30: Breakfast

11- 12pm: Tantra for Healing/ Earth Wisdom Teachings

1-2pm: Lunch

2-5pm: Free Movement /Beach dips/ Integration Circles

5-6: Guided Shamanic Journey to access the subconscious & retrieve Power unconsciously given to past lovers. Compassionately cutting energetic cords that keep us in the past.

6-7: Dinner


                           To Surrender. To Cultivate. To Embody. To Release.