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Energy Medicine Sessions  

 Upgrade and restore your physical and energetic bodies by clearing away old imprints and stagnant energy.

The Illumination process: 

Shamanic Medicine works at the level of the Energetics, imprints and the soul to clear the body’s energy field and bringing deeper clarity and alignment to the Web of Life.  Each customized private session is tailored at resetting your Subtle Anatomy and improving your overall well-being.

In this healing modality we commune with the Spririt realms, the Elementals, Animal Allies and the Ancient Ones for support as we reignate the spark of light and bring closure to stagnant situatons. We introduce a higher perspective, a higher vision to patterns and situations and alchemize old core beliefs creating the internal environment for deeper freedom, love and authenticity. A session may include the use of sacred smoke, drum sound and  chakra attunment with sacred kuyas/stones.

 Sessions are 75 minutes long.

My work is inspired & draws from my love for the old wisdom & mysticism of the Peruvian Andes as well as from my reverence to Nature…”

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval: Using the vibration and the repetitive sound of drum and rattle, we shift brain wave activity from delta, normal waken state to the slower Alpha wave pattern in order to elicit  a relax state with the intention of  accessing your subconscious mind.  In other words, we journey to non-ordinary terrains to the place where childhood memories, imprints and past experiences are stored with the intention of retrieving and recovering any fragmented or soul lost that you may have suffered as a result of past trauma, disconnect or difficult life experiences with the intention of re-integrating your life force and/or soul part back into your energetic and physical bodies.  

Shamanic Journeys: are doorways into alternate planes of higher consciousness to gain vision and insight into our future. They are also effective tools to recover power lost or animal ally coessence. A shamanic journey is a powerful way to bring valuable information into conscious awareness that may otherwise remain dormant in our unconscious. This is the realm of pure potential: the Upper World

Sacred Womb & Blood Mysteries

Sacred WOMB & BLOOD Transmissions for Empowerment: Beloved woman, Join me on an Epic Journey to harness and Reclaim the inherent Wisdom and Medicine that dwells in your body, your psyche, your menstrual cycles, and your intuition. Whether you are in your bleeding years or in your crone, wise years or any other life stage, I welcome YOU!

Are your cycles inconsistent? Painful?

Do you experience severe PMS?

Do you hold grief here?

Are you having a hard time releasing a partner or past lover?

Do you feel numbed or disconnected from your womb?

I offer 1:1 womb healing and balancing sessions intended to assist you in releasing any imprints you may be carrying her in your Sacred temple whether yours or inherited from your Female lineage.

I offer gentle Womb energetic attunements and balancing sessions that help heal and release imprints store in this sacred center from which we modern women have been exiled. I assist you in linking your womb, heart and your expression because they are all energetically connected. I facilitate an awakening to the subtle language and expression of your womb and your cycle.

We will invoke & harmonize with the elements of Fire, Water, Earth & Wind to clear out of the way anything that is no longer serving your and your highest expression.

Rites of Passage 

Rites of Passage In the West we have forgotten how to honor life transitions. We see Death as taboo, as something to hide; we cling to the idea of permanence & deny death. From a Shamanic perspective, how we die is as important as how we live. We want to transition mindfully. We understand that when somebody is transitioning, we can assist them by disengaging their Luminous Energy Field from the physical body (you can think of the LEF as the chakra system) & clear it from any stagnated energy, unresolved issues or past resentments. Once the LEF is disengaged, we then create a pathway for the Soul to transition though. Death Rites are a series of Ritualistic & Energetic steps passed down to me through the Four Winds Institute founder Dr. Alberto Villoldo. It is my honor to perform those Shamanic Rites of Passage for your love ones.

Sacred Ceremonies 

Despacho & Fire Ceremonies: I offer Customized Ceremonies aiming at restoring All of our Relationships including our relationship with Gaia, the elements and our social interactions. Those ceremonies are held with high Integrity & Intention. Sourcing from natural elements such as flowers, stones, tobacco & seeds, we sit in circle & in prayer to energetically harmonize & bless attendees. Reasons to hold ceremony may include: bringing closure to relationships; asking for healing, blessing a new marriage or home & to mark & bless new businesses or projects.  What matters is the power of Your Intention.

Disclaimer: Energy Medicine is not intended to cure, treat or Diagnose Any Physical or Psychological Conditions.  Energy Medicine  and materials provided here are for educational and complementary purposes only and not a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. There are no promises or guarantees made.         

You may Cancel an appointment within 24 hours, after that there are no refunds.   

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