Marilu Shinn is one of those rare authentic teachers that will change your life forever.
I have been working in the helping/healing field professionally for over 25 years. I left conventional medicine over 15 years ago to pursue a career in alternative healing. I have dedicated my life to helping individuals, groups and communities to heal by having a shift in consciousness to reunite with our truest selves, each other and Mother Earth.
Sometime early in 2021 I began hearing/feeling a deep urge within me to further deepen my own inner-work and deepen my medicine. To heal ancient wounds within my lineage that are finally ready, after countless generations, to be healed. I could innately feel a magnetism to an unknown teacher out there.
My curiosity was peaked and yet I proceeded with caution, as I knew the level of commitment I was bringing to the table and I wanted to make sure that I was calling in the caliber of teacher I truly needed.
When I first learned of Marilu I had an immediate instinct that she was genuine, real and powerful.  However, I needed to test the waters before jumping in. I took her 3-day course “Journey with the Three Shamanic Worlds of Engagement”, and it proved to be a powerfully transformative experience and left me wanting more. I knew I had found the teacher and guide I had been looking for.
I next took Marilu’s Intro to the Medicine Woman Path. This proved to be life altering, and I am still unpacking the tremendous gifts I received during this time. I honestly feel like the 16 weeks we spent in this container were equivalent to a 2 year program.
Marilu is masterful at cultivating a safe communal environment where deep healing can occur. As anyone in the healing arts knows, one cannot facilitate for another what they have not healed within themselves, and one cannot give to another what they themselves do not possess.
Marilu is the authentic
teacher/guide/mentor because she walks this walk every day of her life- she is the medicine. And she initiates within you the ability to face your own shadows, find your healing and your unique medicine you bring to the world.
There are no words to describe the profundity of the growth and healing- both personally and professionally. And I know I am not the only one. We all came to this container at different places on the path of life, and we all got out of it exactly what we needed- that is magical!
Marilu and the other participants became family as we shared and grew deeply together. A true community where you can completely be yourself with no judgement, where you can be witnessed and deep space held for you, is very rare these days. And that is exactly what Marilu created. I made connections that I know will last my life, I am so grateful for this.
I came out of this container completely transformed. I cannot un-see what I now see. Paradigms have been shifted.  Whole worlds have open up to me, and my capacities have deepened. My renewal to my path and life’s calling is complete. I am endlessly grateful to Marilu for this, and I look forward to continue growing with her for many decades to come.
The world needs more medicine women who are genuinely here to heal the toxic paradigms that we have been living in. In Marilu you will find a teacher and mentor that is completely dedicated to pulling the veil from the illusions that keep people separated from the Truth. She is bold and honest, ruthless in speaking the truth, loving and gentle- all at the same time. She is a fearless warrior full of compassion and love and she helps you find your courage and strength so that you can fully step into your path of becoming the exact medicine you are here to be.
These are critical times we live in, and we need all of us.  May you answer the call.

Rosaria Cabrera  RN, BSN, RCST

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy

Sacred EmbodimentTM  Body-Mind Practitioner



It is my deep honor to share the ways that Marilu has impacted my life. I share these words in deep love and respect for my beloved sister and maestra with the acknowledgement that these words are not enough to express my deep gratitude. Marilu found me a few years ago and I am so glad that she did. My life has not been the same since then. Our connection has been beyond the earthly realm and current timeline. It is because of my work with her that I felt complete and grounded in my Indigenous roots and medicine.


When I met Marilu, I was still experiencing physical pain from trauma I endured in academia and in my life. And while I was returning to my gifts and sacred ways, I still felt hesitant in claiming my medicine and my roots. With Marilu’s guidance and potent healings, I recovered parts of my soul. I REMEMBERED. In working with her I claimed my destiny as a medicine woman in the Q’ero Inca lineage, and since that happened, I have felt something lock in place in my heart – pieces of me that I have been searching for my whole life were finally found, and I felt completely embodied. The powerful Shamanic energy healings helped me to clear energetic imprints and recover my soul essence. I am ever grateful for Marilu’s gentle support and healing medicine, for it set me where I needed to be in this lifetime. She helped my spirit remember.

As a medicine woman who practices shamanic Earth medicine, Marilu also helped me to see beyond this earthly reality. She helped me to see beyond this timeline and beyond this agreed upon reality to be able to tap into the highest visions. She helped me to trust the visions that have been given to me and to honor them and bring them forth. She helped me to honor my unique blueprint and to honor the medicine I carry. It was her faith in me as a medicine woman that helped me completely unspell from academia and honor my destiny and path. There is so much more I can say about the teachings she offered to initiate me as a medicine woman, but those are not meant to be shared. I trust that they are seen and felt by those with whom I work. She also helped me to understand that we can only help those who do their own work, that we are not responsible for everyone, and that we need to honor our rest and pace so that our medicine can remain potent.

As a medicine woman who works deeply with the divine feminine, Marilu also helped me feel confident in the ways that I naturally show up. Spending so much time in academia, I felt shame for showing up in intuitive, organic, fluid, non-linear ways. And, in receiving her teachings, wisdom, and medicine, I felt more confident in my divine feminine, which allowed my gifts to expand.

I have also had the honor of collaborating with her in offering teachings to the greater collective. The potency of our medicine is amplified when we gather and work together. It has been a true honor to work with another medicine woman who honors and actually moves through the medicine, energy, and visions that are presented in real time. This is rare and it is one of the reasons why I have so enjoyed working with her. I do not do academic and linear teachings, for they stifle the medicine and downloads that are made available for the people who show up to work with us.

Marilu’s teachings and guidance connected me more deeply with the spirits, the elements, the web of life, and my womb and power as a woman. I am forever transformed and am eternally grateful, for her medicine has helped me, my family, and all those with whom I work.

For those who feel called to work with Marilu, I encourage you to do so, if you are ready to do your own work. If you are ready to receive for the right reasons, by merely being in her presence you will receive an activation. If you feel called to work with her, I encourage you to do so if you are ready to show up humbly, in integrity and right relationship, if you are ready to EMBODY the work, if you are ready to trust the process not just the outcome, and if you are ready to call forth the ancient future through your own vessel and your own work. I know that the work I used to do before, as a psychologist, as a professor, and as a phd, pales in comparison to the medicine I offer now. I humbly carry the teachings from the Apaza lineage and the Q’ero Inca lineage as an initiated medicine woman, to offer healing to the world that restores the balance and harmony it needs. 

Marilu, thank you for your sisterhood that you offer so authentically, thank you for your devotion to the medicine path, thank you for your courage to embody the divine feminine so that we too can remember, thank you for all the ways that you show up, seen and unseen, that are helping us to birth the new earth. Thank you for being a person of integrity, for being trustworthy, for being truly devoted to the ways we are called to show up in these prophetic times. My deep gratitude to our guides for bringing us together again in this lifetime. 

Deep bow to you sister, with so much love,

Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza


Daisy Villasenor

I am deeply, deeply grateful for the healing I have received from Marilu- -such strong, patient and kind healer and teacher-When I decided to join the 16-weeks Embodied Leadership container, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. As life goes, it’s has its ups and downs, and I was definetely on a donward spiral. Having gotten sober 10 years ago and having completed 3 years of therapy, I was able to recognize that I needed help. There was something in me that knew western therapy was not what I needed this time. My spirit was longing to reconnect to something much deeper.

On the first call, I had so  much releasing and felt held. I could feel this was a sacred space immediately. this container/ Marilu opened a whole new world to me (a world that has always lived in me, in my spirit) I can honestly say that I have healed so much more in 16 weeks than I did in 3 years of conventional therapy (not to minimized the help I received in therapy)

Marilu taught us so much. I learned that the systems we live in promote fragmentation and cause us to live outside of our bodies -totally disconnected and lost with anxiety- I learn to embrace my womanhood – my womb, my period- I learned to connect with my ancestors and to embrace and use my intuition above all things. I learned to be in right relationship with mother Earth by reconnecting to her and always embracing that we are and everything is deeply connected to each other. I learned to look inside at my darkest places and to open my eyes even when I want to close them. I learned to feel those shadows and to work those energies out of me. -to alchemize them so that I can feel safe in this world and help others. I learned that we all carry a unique medicine. Like Marilu says: “We all have a unique blueprint.”

Marilu shared so much ancient medicine and wisdom with us. I learned that the systems in place have desecrated our connectionto our indigenous roots and to our sacredness.

This is only the beginning of this journey for me and for all others. This is not a certification program. I now have tools to go back to when I forget how connected I am to mother Earth, to the sun, to the moon, to my ancestors. The goal is to use ritual to remember and to be more and more grounded and connected to my roots and ancestral medicine day by day. If your soul feels called to it and you feel ready, I highly recommend working with Marilu. You must be fluid, open and flexible during this work. This is not a linear program with an end date. It is medicine that can literally change your life if you let it. With so much love, thank you Marilu.

Miroslaba “Lili” Velo

If you have been on a healing journey and sought out different healing modalities but still feel like you are stuck, Marilu’s offerings will change that. I know because I was that person. I have done therapy, accupuncture, yoga, somatic practices, 1:1 coaching, and while they have offered me healing, none have been as transformational as what I have experienced with Marilu. Her medicine is potent. She comes from a lineage of medicine women and truly respects her elders and works from a place of integrity, honoring and being in right relationship with mother Earth. She is humble and wise and knows how to navigate the unseen. I’m forever grateful that I have crossed paths with her and will continue to learn from her.

Alyse Romano

The Embodied Leadership container gave me a sense of community and confidence that I didn’t I was seeking. It gave me confidence as I practiced trusting my intuition and listening to the ways I’m being called to show up- not how the expired colonial, capitalistic systems asked me to show up- but how the body of the Earth and my own body are asking me to show up. I feel more cleared and settled in my non-negotiable need to live slowly in order to maintain my connection, something I used to feel more insecure and unsure about. The community that showed up week after week within this dynamic container was a comfort, a learning and a practice space, a reminder that many of us are seeking the same right now and we are here to support each other from a place of enough rather than scarcity.

It was a privilege to be in this container with so many humans devoted to unsubscribing from the old extractive ways of thinking that we need to “get ahead” even to the cost of our bodies and well-being. In that getting ahead, somebody is always left behind including our Earth mother. Each group session left me with huge inspiration that we are truly co-weaving a new reality. I give my love and gratitude to Marilu and the Q’ero Lineage with whom she works for preserving the ancient ways that serve as rooted guidance for traversing through this moment in time. “

Mary Choi 

Dear Marilu,
These are the words I had written to you on Feb. 13th after our meeting in the North. I don’t know why it didn’t get sent but I opened up one of my email tabs that I had left open from that day, and there this was. Perfectly encapsulating so much of what I would want to say to you…as our time in this particular container comes to a close.
Liberation. Breath. Sweetness. And Gratitude. What 4 words could better express what I have received here in this container?
My gratitude for what you have provided us all with, connected us back to, and helped us to REMEMBER over and over and over again runs deeper than I could ever describe. It has been a returning. To home. To myself.
This group with you at the helm has been the grounding, organizing, and clearing force in my life, as the chaos of the external world and the storms of the internal world raged on these past many months.
This container, the chakana, your wisdom, your leadership, and the wisdom and leadership of the Q’ero people held us tightly through it all. Contextualizing all of what we were and still are experiencing. Guiding us and taking us through the 4 directions of our souls. Mirrored back to us, shown to us, and grounded for us through the wisdom of the chakana and our greater container. Mother Earth.
My soul is in alignment.
Thank you for being our trusted guide, Marilu. Thank you for being our teacher. Thank you for being a carrier of the wisdom and medicine of the Q’ero people and carrying it with such integrity, and thank you for entrusting us to hold the sacred wisdom of the Q’ero lineage with that same level of integrity. This sisterhood that you have brought together. A righting of something that has long since been lost for so many of us.
Sacred sisterhood. How healing it has been.
And so, I bow to you in honor, Marilu, and I bow to your sacred mission and purpose. I bow to the Q’ero people. And I thank you and I thank them.
For honoring us and our sacred paths. For bringing us the medicine we needed to heal. Heal ourselves and the ailing world around us.
Thank you. For all of it.
Mary  Choi