Experience with Home Cleansing:
The ceremony was powerful and effective. Marilu used flowers, prayer, bells, water, and sage to clear out any negative energy in my home and to invite in positive healthy energy. After she left my home feel lighter and clean. I saw a beautiful white barn owl fly by while sitting in my backyard around sunset on the same day. I’ve lived in this house now for 12 years and that is the only time I ever saw a white owl. It felt connected somehow to the ceremony and very magical.”

Emily Friedman

Experience with Individual Sessions:
“Marilu uses energy healing and her intuitive ability to cut to the core of any issue.  She has a gift for seeing things about your energy, your life, and your past that shed light on the current issue.  After each session, I leave feeling validated, empowered, and grounded.  The dialogue during the sessions is compassionate and incredibly insightful.  Core issues revealed in the sessions are profound.”

Emily Friedman

“I received a session, the illumination process, from Marilu recently in February 2016. In September, 2015 my Dad passed away and I am also going through a divorce. I was holding a lot of grief and emotional pain in my heart. I was feeling uncomfortable and heavy with so many strong emotions present in my space. Marilu held a strong space for me to process and let go of those emotions and parts of myself that were no longer needed. It took me some days to process this healing session and it allowed access for me to see deeper parts of myself. As is natural with the healing process, I was in heavy processing. Today, which is a week after the session I notice that I feel lighter, a lot of the emotional pain I was holding in my heart is gone. I feel as I have let go completely of the grief that I was holding there. I feel more joyous and connected with myself. It’s nice to be full of smiles and laughter again. Thank you Marilu for holding space for me to heal!”

Renee Rowe

“In our busy, modern lives we often forget that there is Energy- higher than ourselves- able to help and transform our spirit. Marilu is an amazing, gentle soul who is extremely gifted with her medicine of the ancients. During the time of mourning the loss of my mother, and another great transition into a new relationship, she led me to a place that was grounded, where I could let go of what was before, and welcome in love. It is a process, but Marilu is a powerful guide, with great healing gifts.  Very grateful to find her here in Santa Cruz.”

Barbara Benish