An Introduction to the Medicine Woman Path

16-week program

An Introduction to the Medicine Woman Path

I welcome you dear sister if you are  hearing and longing to answer the Call of sacred service to our collective evolution at this time of the New Pachaqutec. This offering is an invitation to those committed to breaking away from extractive systems and ways of relating that had desecrated the sacred rhythms of life.

This is a calling to the future women who will inherit the stewardship and birth of the prophesized New Time through the Indigenous  Medicine of the Earth in Right Relationship, and in Integrity with the Web of Life.

This container is birthed and being offered at the time of the big shift in our humanity and provides an introduction to Indigenous ways of seeing and relating rooted in Earth Based as a healing modality with the intention of repairing the soul, the emotional body, the physical body, the energy field and all of our relations including the relationship with our Ancestors. 

In the Direction of the North we honor and pay offerings to the lands we occupy, to the ancient ones and to our departed love ones through ritualistic and ceremonial practices by building a communal altar. 

This offering is intended to provide you with an orientation of what Earth Based Medicine is actually about. To illuminate what this whole cosmo-vision and way of living is about. To reawaken within you the emerging Archetype of the Medicine Woman and her dynamic role at this time in ushering forward a new consciousness through her service and embodiment. Through her devotion in awakening herself and others from the illusions and distortions of separation.

To bring forward a new dawn.

Are you ready to answer the Call and commit to this sacred path of devotion
and higher service from a place of clarity and not from ego? 

This offering is in no way a full apprenticeship, but intended to dispel misconceptions about Indigenous ways of being and healing. It is offered for you to get a glimpse into the Indigenous mind, spirit, ways of seeing life and cosmo-vision and doesn’t prepare you to perform any type of healing on others.

This container is intended to provide you with tools for self empowerment, healing, transformation and to deepen your relationship with our Earth Mother as well as provide you with an overview of the Ways in which Medicine Women and Earth keepers work, harness and commune in partnership with the Sacred Elements-water, fire, Earth and air, – the Four Sacred Directions, the Four Sacred Winds, the Elementals, Animal Spirit Allies and the Unseen. All of those are aspects of Earth Based Shamanistic Medicine and the Web of Life in and around you, and within this container they will become Alive trough somatic and sensory practices like Shamanic Drum Sound Journeys and Soul Retrievals and activate within you a Remembrance, an Initiation. 

 I will share the ways I was raised with and my lived experiences with Indigenous Earth keepers.  My intention is to be a clear bridge for those teachings to be pass on to you at this time so that you can eventually facilitate transformation, healing and liberation for others. 

Are you ready??

This offering is divided into 4 modules and we will engage with each module/Sacred Direction for 1 whole month,
experiencing and engaging with the many layers, essences and energies of each Direction and corresponding element. 

Each month will be informed by a specific Element ( Earth,Fire, Water and Air) and we will sync and entrance with the elements through various somatic and sensory shamanistic experiences.  

South: Serpent, Earth medicine element and the terrain of physical healing. The collective and personal unconscious/the shadow. 

West: Jaguar Medicine and fire element. The medicine of discernment, impeccability, empowerment and acting consequently.

North: The medicine of water and hummingbird: the Ancient Ones. Being in Right Relationship with the web of life, with the Ancestors, and with the Earth’s intelligence.

East: the medicine of the condor, the future unfolding, air element and the prophecies of the New Times.

Within this container you will create a ritual space as well as a hands on physical medicine wheel, a Chakana, which is a map into your psyche and blueprint. The Chakana is a living guiding compass  representing each of the four sacred directions, each element, essence carry by each direction and correspoding animal spirit ally.

Your Chakana, medicine wheel, will be weaved seamlessly within each direction and will become your navigating compass, personal map and orientation to support you in alchemizing what is not longer in alignment, lifting the fog from your eyes and aligning you with your unique Medicine.

This living  Medicine wheel will be fluid and will become an integral part of your path, your healing and transformation within this container. As you engage with this medicine wheel, you will receive clarity and revelations as well as potent alchemy orchestrated by the living Lineage I represent: The Q’ero Lineage of the Mesa Tradition of Peru. 

Within this offering there will be other experiential and somatic practices including Womb Wisdom and monthly Moon rituals working with the Elements intended to activate the Medicine Woman archetype  within you. You will also be engaging in Earth Based assigments to be conducted within smaller groups in between the live transmissions. The teachings being offered are fully participatory, and engaging with the intention of building community and discovering your medicine which may be hidden within your fears.

What else is included: 

  • A private Whatsapp group for support, community, inspiration and accountability and to share our breakthroughs and struggles.
  • Spotify playlist to flow with the blueprint of the teachings and themes.
  • 24 hours email access to me for questions and to suport your path.
  • 2-3 surprise Guest presenters to provide you with a deeper innerstanding of what this path and way of living is about and looks like in the practice.
  • Note: If you are a returning woman who has taken this program before, you will receive 20 % off and/or if you are currently enrolled in my Return of the Divine Feminine program.

We meet  for 16 consecutive weeks, and the meetings are recorded in case you are unable to attend some of the circles.

A PDF document of the full 16-week program schedule is available Here : curriculum

You can also email me at for the non-Canva version of the document.

Participation in this program requires a commitment from you!

Blessed Be, Thank you for saying YES!


Marilu Shinn is one of those rare authentic teachers who will change your life forever.I have been working in the helping/healing field professionally for over 25 years. I left conventional medicine over 15 years ago to pursue a career in alternative healing. I have dedicated my life to helping individuals, groups and communities to heal by having a shift in consciousness to reunite with our truest selves, each other and Mother Earth.

Sometime early in 2021 I began hearing/feeling a deep urge within me to further deepen my own inner-work and deepen my medicine. To heal ancient wounds within my lineage that are finally ready, after countless generations, to be healed. I could innately feel a magnetism to an unknown teacher out there.

My curiosity was peaked and yet I proceeded with caution, as I knew the level of commitment I was bringing to the table and I wanted to make sure that I was calling in the caliber of teacher I truly needed.

When I first learned of Marilu, I had an immediate instinct that she was genuine, real, and powerful.  However, I needed to test the waters before jumping in. I took her 3-day course “Journey with the Three Shamanic Worlds of Engagement”, and it proved to be a powerfully transformative experience and left me wanting more. I knew I had found the teacher and guide I had been looking for.

I next took Marilu’s Intro to the Medicine Woman Path. This proved to be life altering, and I am still unpacking the tremendous gifts I received during this time. I honestly feel like the 16 weeks we spent in this container were equivalent to a 2 year program.

Marilu is masterful at cultivating a safe communal environment where deep healing can occur. As anyone in the healing arts knows, one cannot facilitate for another what they have not healed within themselves, and one cannot give to another what they themselves do not possess.

Marilu is an authentic teacher/guide/mentor because she walks this walk every day of her life ‐ she IS the medicine. And she initiates within you the ability to face your own shadows, find your healing, and discover the unique medicine you bring to the world.

There are no words to describe the profundity of the growth and healing ‐ both personally and professionally. And I know I am not the only one. We all came to this container at different places on the path of life, and we all got out of it exactly what we needed ‐ that is magical!

Marilu and the other participants became family as we shared and grew deeply together. A true community where you can completely be yourself with no judgement, where you can be witnessed and deep space held for you, is very rare these days. And that is exactly what Marilu created. I made connections that I know will last my life, I am so grateful for this.

I came out of this container completely transformed. I cannot un-see what I now see. Paradigms have been shifted.  Whole worlds have open up to me, and my capacities have deepened. My renewal to my path and life’s calling is complete. I am endlessly grateful to Marilu for this, and I look forward to continue growing with her for many decades to come.

The world needs more medicine women who are genuinely here to heal the toxic paradigms that we have been living in. In Marilu, you will find a teacher and mentor who is completely dedicated to pulling the veil from the illusions that keep people separated from the Truth. She is bold and honest, ruthless in speaking the truth, loving and gentle ‐ all at the same time. She is a fearless warrior full of compassion and love and she helps you find your courage and strength so that you can fully step into your path of becoming the exact medicine you are here to be.

These are critical times we live in, and we need all of us.  May you answer the call.


Rosaria Cabrera  RN, BSN, RCST

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy
Sacred Embodiment
TM Body-Mind Practitioner


It is my deep honor to share the ways that Marilu has impacted my life. I share these words in deep love and respect for my beloved sister and maestra with the acknowledgement that these words are not enough to express my deep gratitude. Marilu found me a few years ago and I am so glad that she did. My life has not been the same since then. Our connection has been beyond the earthly realm and current timeline. It is because of my work with her that I felt complete and grounded in my Indigenous roots and medicine.

When I met Marilu, I was still experiencing physical pain from trauma I endured in academia and in my life. And while I was returning to my gifts and sacred ways, I still felt hesitant in claiming my medicine and my roots. With Marilu’s guidance and potent healings, I recovered parts of my soul. I REMEMBERED. In working with her I claimed my destiny as a medicine woman in the Q’ero Inca lineage, and since that happened, I have felt something lock in place in my heart – pieces of me that I have been searching for my whole life were finally found, and I felt completely embodied. The powerful Shamanic energy healings helped me to clear energetic imprints and recover my soul essence. I am ever grateful for Marilu’s gentle support and healing medicine, for it set me where I needed to be in this lifetime. She helped my spirit remember.

As a medicine woman who practices shamanic Earth medicine, Marilu also helped me to see beyond this earthly reality. She helped me to see beyond this timeline and beyond this agreed upon reality to be able to tap into the highest visions. She helped me to trust the visions that have been given to me and to honor them and bring them forth. She helped me to honor my unique blueprint and to honor the medicine I carry. It was her faith in me as a medicine woman that helped me completely unspell from academia and honor my destiny and path. There is so much more I can say about the teachings she offered to initiate me as a medicine woman, but those are not meant to be shared. I trust that they are seen and felt by those with whom I work.  She also helped me to understand that we can only help those who do their own work, that we are not responsible for everyone, and that we need to honor our rest and pace so that our medicine can remain potent.

As a medicine woman who works deeply with the divine feminine, Marilu also helped me feel confident in the ways that I naturally show up. Spending so much time in academia, I felt shame for showing up in intuitive, organic, fluid, non-linear ways. And, in receiving her teachings, wisdom, and medicine, I felt more confident in my divine feminine, which allowed my gifts to expand.

I have also had the honor of collaborating with Marilu in offering teachings to the greater collective. The potency of our medicine is amplified when we gather and work together. It has been a true honor to work with another medicine woman who honors and actually moves through the medicine, energy, and visions that are presented in real time. This is rare and it is one of the reasons why I have so enjoyed working with her. I do not do academic and linear teachings, for they stifle the medicine and downloads that are made available for the people who show up to work with us.

Marilu’s teachings and guidance connected me more deeply with the spirits, the elements, the web of life, and my womb and power as a woman. I am forever transformed and am eternally grateful, for her medicine has helped me, my family, and all those with whom I work.

For those who feel called to work with Marilu, I encourage you to do so, if you are ready to do your own work. If you are ready to receive for the right reasons, by merely being in her presence you will receive an activation. If you feel called to work with her, I encourage you to do so if you are ready to show up humbly, in integrity and right relationship, if you are ready to EMBODY the work, if you are ready to trust the process not just the outcome, and if you are ready to call forth the ancient future through your own vessel and your own work. I know that the work I used to do before, as a psychologist, as a professor, and as a phd, pales in comparison to the medicine I offer now. I humbly carry the teachings from the Apaza lineage and the Q’ero Inca lineage as an initiated medicine woman, to offer healing to the world that restores the balance and harmony it needs.

Marilu, thank you for your sisterhood that you offer so authentically, thank you for your devotion to the medicine path, thank you for your courage to embody the divine feminine so that we too can remember, thank you for all the ways that you show up, seen and unseen, that are helping us to birth the new earth. Thank you for being a person of integrity, for being trustworthy, for being truly devoted to the ways we are called to show up in these prophetic times. My deep gratitude to our guides for bringing us together again in this lifetime.

Deep bow to you sister, with so much love,

Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza

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