Co-weaving the New Earth: The New Consciousness 

Meets on Sundays  from  4-6: 20  pm PST

via Zoom

Begins on Sunday, October 22nd for 4 months.

The time is now, the time is here. We are Emerging into a completely new timeline:

Co-weaving the New Earth 

Co-weaving the New Earth: the new consciousness is about discovering more of your skills set. It is about developing a new vocabulary that honors life, relationships and authenticity because words create realities.

It is about helping people who resonate with your unique blueprint in an alternative way, to merge and align with the New Earth template. It is about clearing marketing skills issues that are out of integrity. It is about merging business with spirituality in a healthy way that upholds the well-being of the entire Web of Life.

It is about working in tandem, not against, the natural rhythms.

This is a sacred call and an invitation to those of you who are Resonating with the transforming times and are seeking support and insights as to how to work, serve, and Be in Alignment with the  New Earth consciousness. 

Understand that this work I’m offering is not new age, but deeply rooted in Indigenous prophecy, and as such it requires your openness to the tides of transformation that will be the usher within our container.

I’m calling in like-minded women to catalyst and Rise in the unique service your soul was designed for. Not only for your individual life, but in the extension of your blueprint that is your work, service, medicine, and unique expression.

It is about unraveling your innate set of skills, gifts and abilities to better define and design your path forward. Meaning that if your strengths are A, then you don’t do B.

This is ~Sacred Energetic work~ to connect with your deepest values and spiritual calling. Merging both the business aspect of your work and spirituality with integrity with your sense of purpose in the New Earth.

In “Co-weaving the New Earth: the New Consciousness”, you will Reconcile the Entrepreneur/leadership part of you with your sense of clarity of purpose as steward on this evolutionary new timeline, thereby creating new agreements you are here to serve and fulfill. 

This 4-month container is an invitation  to develop a new vocabulary and way of exchanging in your relationships, including those with your clients and those you are here to inspire. 

This new vocabulary includes a new mindset energetically different from exploitative, manipulative, extractive ways of interacting within the Web of Life.

In “Co-weaving the New Earth” we will explore how Spirituality plays a role in helping female Entrepreneurs and leaders of the New Earth align with their goals and their deeper sense of purpose at this time. This requires unraveling, time, and discipline, in order to grow your unique vision and bring it forward with the tools that will be provided in this program.

As entrepreneurs in the New Earth, we are called to marry the left (problem solving, practical, goal-oriented) and the right (intuitive, artistic, heart-oriented) brains in ways that will support your next iteration. And All of creation.

This offering is for you if:

  • You are seeking a new Language and a new vocabulary in alignment with the New Earth and want to communicate who you are and who you are becoming. 
  • You need support to get clear on your values, while helping people in an alternative way, and want to break away from the old, patriarchal way of doing things.
  • You wish to work with the divine feminine essence as the blueprint for leading the path forward.  
  • You wish to reconcile your truth and essence with your work and leadership instead of hiding or sacrificing aspects of who you are and are becoming. 
  • You are seeking to explore what this evolutionary stage for our humanity means and how it will inform our shared, collective future. 

This offering is infused with practical, experiential, sensory and somatic journeys to bring clarity of purpose and New Alignment through the lens of Earth-Based Shamanic medicine.

My intention is to facilitate the remembrance of your divine blueprint and to support you in Aligning with your highest timeline possible so that YOU can inspire and amplify those whom you are here to serve and collaborate with.

  • This New Earth is a paradigm shift that requires us to activate our unique expression. This Emerging, new time/space (Pacha) dimension is one that will facilitate  accessing our own healing, clarity and empowerment, as well as insights and revelations previously not available to us. Those insights are now becoming available because we, together with this Earth, are moving on a new Evolutionary timeline and clearing out distortions.
  • You will be supported in how you can navigate the current shifts into the prophesied New Pachaqutec from a more expanded perspective.
  • Clear the way to align with your own inner knowing and your unique soul purpose, visions and work in the new world at this time. 

In the New Earth, we now become active Co-creators of a new society and way of relating that has been seeded by the prayers of our Ancestors and that we get to activate, call forward, and embody at this time, for a more just, expanded, Earth-oriented, shared future.

The Structure of this offering:

With the clear Intention of seeding the New Earth consciousness, we will engage in weekly platicas that will lend the Condor vision to see what we are collectively outgrowing in terms of the old paradigm and what possibilities lie ahead for us moving into the new timeline.

Month 1/module 1

Month 2/module 2

Month 3/module 3

Month 4/module 4


The exchange for this potent and life expanding offering is $2,000, which may be paid in five installments of $400.   The tools you will receive are priceless. 

Begins on Sunday, October 22nd for four consecutive months.
Meets each Sunday from 4- 6:20 pm PST via Zoom.
The Zoom link will be sent 24 hours before the container begins. At check out, PLEASE enter the email address at which you wish to receive the link.
REPLAY available if you are unable to attend the live transmissions.
Working with Marilu was such a powerful and transformative experience. She truly takes you on a journey outside of linear time. The medicine she carries is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom with the intention to help you heal on a multidimensional level. It was an honor and a blessing to receive the teachings and transmissions that she shared in the sacred space. If it weren’t for her course, I wouldn’t have remembered many ancient truths that were the missing links for me to walk the medicine path with strength and courage. I can’t thank her enough for the miracles she brought into my life.
Many blessings to you,
Amanda 🕊🌻

Marilu is a practitioner who has very clearly been anchored in her work her entire life. You can feel this throughher clarity of purpose and how she performs healing. She has helped me heal some very deep rooted wounds, help me get grounded into my soul purpose, helped me retrieve parts of  my soul that have been lost through childhood trauma and past lives trauma. She has helped me to heal my ancestral lines through her medicine wheel workshop and ancestral mending workshop. She has literally helped me to change my life for the better.

In a sea of modalities and practitioners, Marilu is a very powerful medicine woman. I would urge anyone seeking to receive deep healing to work with her.

Rachel Reves