Mending the Web of Life:  The Way of the Pampa Mesayoq

Meets on Sundays  from  4-6:15 pm PST

via Zoom

Begins on Sunday, November 26th for 11 consecutive weeks.



I’m beyond Grateful to collaborate with the Original Carriers, with the Elders of the Andes in this one of a kind opportunity  in which you will received the Ways of the Pampa Mesayoq seeds Directly from them! The ways of the Pampa Mesayoq are the ways of the Stewards of the Pachamama, the Earth and All sentient Beings, thereby contributing in the mending and repair of the sacred Web of Life at this time of major upheaval and darkness.

In Trusting how Spirit and the Andean Lineage wish to use me as a vessel in my capacity as a Medicine Woman, this offering is steeped in the Shamanic Wisdom Traditions of the Andes.

Kuraq Akulleq, Humberto Soncco will share Ancient Energetic Transmissions meant to awaken within you the seeds of the new consciousness. The unfolding of the New Pachaqutec.

You will receive specific cosmo-vision Teachings to work in connection with the energies and essence of the Earth and with the energies and essence of the Apus, mountain spirits to bring deep restoration and healing to the land you lived in and to your communities.

Through Ceremonies, conversations, energetic transmissions, Rites and coca leaf readings, you will receive powerful knowledge and visions of what is possible for our evolution as keepers of the Earth, as guardians of life at this time of the big shift.

Each week Elder Humberto Soncco will shared his lived expereince as a Kuraq Aqullec, Andean holder of a Shamanic tradition that spands way back, in ways that will activate your own remembrance and inspire you to live in more harmonious, coherent ways as a Pampa Mesayoq, Earth Keeper.

The first 7 sessions are guided directly by the Elders with translations from me and Yuri Flores. The last 4 sessions I will be guiding you through Earth Based somatic practices and Shamanistic Journeys. You will be journeyed through and with the Four Elements for Inner Alchemy, Transformation, Calibration and Empowerment.

For the 4 last sessions:

Through Shamanistic practices involving working closely with plant allies and the world of dreams, you will have somatic and energetic experiences that will deepen your innerstanding of Shamanism and how through this body of wisdom you can become an active steward in mending and repairing the Web of Life in concrete ways.

For the last 4 sessions, you are invited to work with one plant ally each week and to bring your plant ally to our container to create a living tapestry of plant narratives and healing.  

It is my belief that through the process of Industrialization, Capitalism, and a fast-paced culture, we have become disconnected and numb to the world of Spirit, the unseen and to the essence and energy that each Living Element carries. This creates tears and rips in the web of life; this fragments our souls and when we are disembodied, we wedge war on others and the living ecosystems. In Mending the Web of Life: The Way of the Pampa Mesayoq, the Lineage of the Andes will help you to remember your place within the tapestry of the living Earth, helping you to call back and retrieve soul pieces (Llamado de Animo) with the assistance of both Pachamama and the mountain spirit, the Apus. Those transmissions will then awaken and activate your own unique Medicine and gifts. 

May what lies dormant as a seed be activated and reveal for Inner Alchemy and may that ripple to the entire web of life…


Our intention for this container is to offer you a space to calibrate your living body to the body of the Earth. Your nervous system to the living system of the Web of Life through the Wisdom Traditions and Shamanistic Practices of the Andes to bring about restoration and deep healing within and without.

My beloved teachers and I are invoking and calling in a sacred container of like-minded individuals to restore coherence that mends and repairs from the inside out because that is what the Earth Mother desperetely needs, Stewards and sacred keepers. 

If you are seeking a soulful container for support steeped in ancient wisdom teachings, Shamanistic medicine and somatic, sensory practices to elicit and rekindle the Elemental flame of soul within you, then this 11-weeks Journey is for you. 

 Each week we will engage in Earth based healing modalities working closely with plant allies, mountain spirits and animal allies and echoing them accross time and space dimensions, into the Pacha, thereby creating micro-systems of Cosmos.

50 % of all proceeds go directly to supporting the building of a home in the city of Cusco for when the Elders from the high Andes need to be in the city for bureaucratic reasons or to perform healings, this home will provide them with a safe place to stay. Thank you! 


The Structure 

  • For this container, we are invoking the forces of nature, plant allies, dreams, mountain allies and your higher intuition, therefore, it is important to allow flow and Alchemy.
  • This container is Shamanistic in nature and so there is no a clear schedule for each week, Yet, know that we have put our higher intentions and devotions into birthing this container and bringing deep restoration and repair to our weary hearts, bodies and the body of Gaia.

     Who is this Container for? 

    This container is for the seekers of ancient ways and Earth Based practices. It is for space holders, the sacred guides, the Medicine people who wish to receive nourishment and new inspiration. This container is also for those new to the concept of Shamanism and wish to learn from an unbroken and pure Indigenous Lineage.

    This container is for those seeking a healing container and who are feeling weary due to the current state of the world. This container is open to those who have done Decolonial work and is also open to those on a personal healing and Rematriating journey. You are Welcome!

    The exchange for this one of a kind Shamanistic experience is $ 1,333.
    For Returning students, the exchange is $ 1,111. Returning students please email me at to receive the 16% discount code 

    NOTE:  You will receive the zoom link 24 hours before we officially open the container.

    Meets every Sunday for 11 consecutive weeks from 4-6:30 pm PST. Replays available for each session in case you can’t attend live

    I recently participated in a shamanic ancestral meditation guided by the wisdom of a curandera . As I delved into this ancient and mystical practice, I could feel the reverberations of a powerful awakening deep within the core of my being. 

    The resonance of this meditation reached beyond the surface of my consciousness, penetrating the layers of my soul and connecting me with the ancestral wisdom that flows through the currents of time. As Marilu lead me through the ritual, I found myself journeying through the vast tapestry of my family’s lineage, tracing the threads that bound me to those who came before. With each breath and drum beat, I danced and could sense the presence of my ancestors, their stories, their experiences merging with my own. It was as if I was tapping into a wellspring of ancient knowledge, a reservoir of wisdom that had been passed down through generations, waiting patiently to be discovered, reclaimed. 

    The energy in the room  pulsated with a sacred resonance, as if the spirits of my forebears were whispering their secrets and blessings into my very soul. This profound connection to my ancestral roots began to illuminate the path of self-discovery, revealing insights and revelations that had long remained hidden in the recesses of my consciousness. 

    Dominique T.